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BCIS Services

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Immigration Service Options Pty Ltd through its partners and associates offer a complete range of services and products for prospective migrants, newly arrived Australian migrants, businesses and local Australians.

You need not be a client of BCIS to make use of our wide range of services! Whether you are doing an application yourself, or used a different consultancy to assist you, or need our assistance from the word go - whatever your position, and its partners are able to help, assist and guide you.

So where to start?

Follow the 1-2-3

1) Are you a prospective migrant?

2) Your visa has already been lodged and you need advice, information or assistance? See what we can do for Visa applicants below

3) You are in Australia and need a little help ... its all here and detailed below.

Prospective migrants

Whatever your need as a prospective migrant, we can assist you. You do not need to become a full service client - you can select to use only advisory services (via our unique eConsult Service), ask just a question (or two), use us for your business plan or state sponsorship application only or use a full visa service. The choice is yours!

  • We can assess your position and circumstances and then advise on your options for migration to Australia - by phone, fax, email, live chat, in person (in Australia or in your home country)
  • You can access a complete range of information to inform you of migration requirements, planning guides, newsletters, general questions and much more on this site - free of charge - on this site and by subscribing to the site services.
  • You can register on our site as a client or user and access a select portfolio of exclusive information, guides and assistance services
  • You can select to use our premium Full Service - a comprehensive, all inclusive migration service.
  • You can select our eConsult service -  if you have a few select questions only, or need specific advice, or have a question, or need a guide or checklist, this service is for you. You can select from our wide range of  professional and comprehensive guides containing : - all the required forms, guides (including the 1-2-3 guides), checklist and instructions for you to complete and compile your own application.
  • You can purchase our trademark 1-2-3 guides to make your application easy and correct! (Our Platinum clients get these guides free of charge)
  • As a business migrant, you can use our business services to assist you in preparing a suitable and acceptable business plan for your application, or to obtain State sponsorship
  • Skilled migrants can use our occupations assessment services only, visa services or simply obtain advice and guides online
Visa applicants

Your visa has already been lodged, but you have a question? Or you have been asked for further information by DIAC and not sure how to answer? Or you need advice and assistance with employment, business, planning your move or need to expand your network in Australia? Look no further!

  • Already lodged your application, but need advice or assistance?
  • Need advice on planning your move, financial matters, insurance, airfares, employment, schools ...
  • Need to keep abreast of the latest changes in the Migration Act?

Our unique  eConsult service is ideal for you! Contact us now for further information.

Newly arrived Migrants

You are here, and now you need to set up a home, buy a car or a business, find a school, or open a bank account. Or you need expert advice on tax, finances, businesses, employment or you simply need a helping hand to show you around.

  • Need a buddy to help you find your feet?
  • Looking for a car, a house, business or personal finance, insurance, employment assistance?
  • Need to know what your visa allows you to do (or not do!)?
  • Need to apply for a new visa, extend a visa, or review a visa decision?

eConsult offers the right solution for you!

Local Australians
  • Want to buy a business? or Perhaps need finance for a business?
  • Is the business the right business for you?
  • Want to buy a house?
  • Need marketing or management advice or services for your business?
  • Need investors or partners for your business?

Whatever your need or requirement, we will be able to help out, provide professional services or at minimum be able to point you in the right direction or refer you to one of our network partners for advice and assistance.

We look forward to being of service to you!




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