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About BCIS

Overview and history of BCIS Consultants

About Us

BCIS Group Companies: BCIS Consultants Pty Ltd; BCIS Migration Consultants Pty Ltd, Bleeno Pty Ltd, BCIS Consultants (UK); BCIS Consultants (RSA); Pty Ltd; BCIS Southbound Publishing Pty Ltd; BCIS Capital Finance Pty Ltd; CORE Internet Development Pty Ltd; BCIS Travel; BCIS Relocation; BCIS Mobile; BCIS Realty

BCIS International Offices: Australia (Head Office), United Kingdom (England), South Africa (JHB & CPT), Singapore, Brazil, Malaysia & association offices in 17 countries.

BCIS is a migration & business services company unlike any in the industry.

Our track record and reputation speaks for itself. Our unsurpassed friendly & efficient service, fast, detailed, accurate feedback, and attention to detail is guaranteed and backed up by a response time of 24 hours (24/7) 

We do have staff members that have gone through the process of migration themselves, thus adding a vital mix of experience and understanding of the exact needs and requirements of our clients to the team. We also have Australians on board to provide much needed local skills and expertise.

We make no claims of support, service standards or compassion, loyalty and dedication to the best interest of our clients that we can not back up.

We are human, and we treat our clients in the same manner we expect to be treated - as in any aspect of life, success can not be guaranteed in any application - that we will admit, but we are totally committed to service excellence and to committing ourselves to your application - all the way through to meeting you on arrival, and to ensure a soft landing for you in Australia.

If you want results, combined by old fashioned personal service, BCIS is the answer. For BCIS to go the extra mile is not a duty but a pleasure - a fact supported by thousands of people we have assisted successfully from every corner of the globe.

As our client, you are the most important person in our business. An application leads to stress, concerns and worries - a fact we sincerely appreciate and understand -  to ensure that these worries are addressed and to put your mind at ease when the waiting or form filling becomes too much, we provide you with your own personal consultant - on call and available to provide you with the assistance you expect and we demand. Your consultant is here to serve your best interest, and you can reach him or her virtually 24 hours a day to discuss your application, your pets, your business or any other matter where we can help you out on.


BCIS Consultants Pty Ltd was established in the first quarter of 1996 as a specialist business development business, providing services to corporate and small business clients within Australia and for those relocating to Australia.

Our services range from visa applications, online migration advice, government mediation to finance, identifying opportunities, joint venture partners and markets through ongoing management consultation services. BCIS identified the need to create a vehicle to provide superior service to people migrating to Australia, and established the migration division in partnership with established migration firms in Australia and in 1999 established our own migration division.

Realising that migrants often get the wrong advice, little support from the government departments and due to the dynamics of the ever changing and highly complex immigration regulations and laws, we started specialising in the provision of a complete service to our clients i.e. Providing from the initial immigration advice through to obtaining the visa, then assisting in settlement (cars, housing, schools, finance, business, employment)

BCIS strive to maintain it high success record by not accepting cases unless we are assured that the application will meet all the migration criteria and we have become reputed for our personal and intimate service. We have proven track record with a visa success rate near 100%. Customer satisfaction levels that are the envy of our competitors. Each client has their own personal consultant and support team. We are leaders in global online services and recognised for our consistently accurate advice, service and results.

We have established a vast network of contacts and friends throughout Australia to assist the new migrant in all their needs. Although based in Perth, we are fully able to assist clients migrating to all states and territories in Australia through our vast infrastructure of associates.

BCIS is now one of the world's largest specialist immigration companies,assisting more than 100,000 families since it was first established in 1996. BCIS's focus is on providing the ultimate in client care and service, using the latest technology to offer a streamlined and stree-free experience for its clients. The results speak for themselves.

Summary of our history

  • Established 1996 and rapidly developed into a leader in the industry in Australia
  • Initially established primarily as specialist business & management consultants (for Australian and offshore companies)
  • In 1997 joined up with existing Migration firm in Australia and in 1999 BCIS was fully independent migration firm
  • Company manages a network of permanent (employee) based migration agents, advisors, area specialists (e.g. occupations assessments) and support staff, as well as sub contracted specialists.
  • Based in Perth WA, BCIS has an infrastructure to provide services to clients migrating to any part of Australia, and is currently establishing permanent offices in most of the major regions of Australia
  • We are able to provide a ground level service to clients in certain countries via our network of partners and agents, and we are expanding the network continuously to better serve and assist clients in their current countries of residence
  • BCIS sends out teams to visit overseas countries regularly - and we always try to visit each of the major countries where we have agents and large numbers of clients, at least twice per annum. (total client base currently in 43 countries, with 11 major countries of origin of clients)
  • The company policy (amongst others) is to provide a professional, efficient and personal service. We pride ourselves in the level of service we go to - beyond the normal duty we have as agents.
  • We offer though our associate and sister companies a full range of services to clients e.g.
    • Full visa service (all visa classes, reviews of decisions, court etc) Our specialisations include business and skills visas, where we offer full after visa services to support applicants (more on this later), as well as student, family, spouse, remaining relativies and retirement visas.
    • Business services include - preparation of business proposals & plans for business skills applications, state and government sponsorships, state & gov grants, financial assistance, business investigations, feasibility studies, plans through to complex business plans for small to corporate business, management services e.g. from finding the right business for a migrant (or Australian) through to arranging finance, feasibility study, installing all management systems (accounting, staff, budgets etc etc) - to providing a management team to assist new business starters for 1 month up to 5 years in some cases.
    • Employment services - we are in partnership with a leading employment group to assist migrants in securing employment.
    • Full range of post arrival services (settlement services) e.g. collect at airport to having a personal assistant for a week, to housing, transport, schools, banking etc.
    • Extensive online services and links to vetted third party service providers from flights to accommodation, financial services to education providers.

We have a highly sophisticated and advanced  IT system  - all processes / communications with clients are logged, saved and tracked on servers - with ability for clients to access their "file" online, track progress, make payments, check balances, status and much more.

The people

Unlike most migration consultancies, BCIS Consultants is not a one man show, or a single agent with one or more part time assistants. We have a strong, experienced and skilled team of experts and consultants.

The BCIS group has on its staff and board registered migration agents.

The BCIS Group Employees include:

  • Solicitors / lawyers; Barristers
  • Registered Migration Agents
  • Chartered accountants
  • Financial Planners
  • Tax agents and advisors
  • Experienced and qualified Business Consultants
  • Specialist staff members to deal with occupations assessments
  • Support staff and Administrative staff members

The company also employs a highly skilled group of sub-contractors including registered migration agents, lawyers, employment agents, HR professionals (Australians), tax advisors and skilled business advisors.

A short portfolio and photographs of the key staff members will be published on this website shortly.

BCIS Consultants' Migration Agents and sub contracted Agents are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority



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