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Business services

Australia Immigration - business plans & state sponsorship services for visa applicants

Australian Business Visa Services

These services are intended especially for Australian business visa applicants, including business owner applicants, senior executive applicants, business talent applicants and Australian business visa (residence) applicants.

Business plans
  • All business visa applicants MUST provide a detailed business plan together with their applications.
  • The business plan must include and address all the key elements of the Migration Act and the State they intend to conduct business in.
  • BCIS offers a comprehensive business plan service for all business visa applicants
  • A detailed business plan that will meet all the requirements of the Migration Act and the PAMS used by the DIAC case officers
  • Our consultants work closely with the applicant through a structured framework to help them identify the key issues and market requirements
  • We assume that the applicant has a clear understanding of the intended business venture and the planned location in Australia.

Buss plan 1 - AUD $ 2000 - 2500

  • An add on to your existing business plan to ensure that it includes all the submissions and key elements in relation to the requirements of the Migration Act.
  • BCIS will rewrite your business plan in the correct format and will add the benefits to the State, and the elements addressing the Migration Act requirements.
  • You must provide BCIS with your detailed draft business plan.

Buss Plan 2 - AUD $ 4500 - 6000

  • Comprehensive business plan compiled by BCIS, including market research and a fully detailed proposal to meet all the requirements of the Migration Act
  • The service includes a detailed questionnaire for preparing the Business Plan, and includes the applicant's credentials, the business proposition, benefits to the State, market factors considered, resources to be employed, a financial plan and they key elements in relation to the specific requirements of the visa (by the Act and the case officers procedure manuals)
State sponsorship

If your application requires State Sponsorship, then this service is for you.

It includes:-

  • A Business Plan 2 service
  • The proposal to the State you nominate
  • Full negotiations and interaction with the state government
Business Services

Often an applicant will want advice on an appropriate business in Australia. Alternatively they will not want to embark on a 'start-up', and consequently the assignment could also include the search/matching/evaluation of appropriately-sized Australian companies. These services attract additional fees.

The extent of these assignments will depend on the specific requirements of the applicant, but will in each case be discussed and agreed in advance. Typically these assignments are conducted over an elapsed period of 8 to 12 weeks, and include a market scan as well as a broad evaluation of the short-listed options. The assignment will be carried out in dialogue with the applicant. Once identified, the selected option will then form the basis of the Business Plan described above.

Service options   FAB service 1 - AUD $ 2000 - 2500

  • We find/identify and present to you up to 6 business opportunities in your chosen industry sector, and in the region / city you intend to conduct business in. 
  • The report will include a summary of the key elements of each business as provided by the vendor / sales agent
  • Includes:
    • Arranging meetings with potential vendors and selling agents
    • A basic analyses & opinion on each of the identified businesses in terms of projected feasibility
    • NOTE: we only source vetted businesses from trusted sources

FAB service 2 - AUD $ 4500 *

  • A follow up on FAB 1
  • We select, in consultation with you, the best 2 business opportunities
  • Each of these will now be thoroughly examined and a detailed report provided to you inclusive of
    • Financial requirements
    • Feasibility report on up to 3 businesses
    • Past financial performance
    • Extracts from the ASIC records of the company (if applicable)
    • Market evaluation
    • a Detailed business evaluation
    • This service includes an investigation and report to ensure that the proposed business will meet the requirements of the Migration Act for provisional business holders and for those intending to progress to residence business visas.

FAB service 3 - AUD $ 5000 - 8000 

When you have identified the final business option, we will send a dedicated team of specialists to do an on site inspection. The team will also provide the following services:

    • a Thorough market analyses of the business and industry sector
    • Detailed investigation into all costs of operating the business
    • All contracts e.g. leases / loans
    • Arranging finance / leases / business loans
    • Comprehensive due diligence investigation and report
    • 5 year cash flow analyses
    • Historical financial history / records analyses
    • Competitor analyses
    • SWOT analyses
    • Feasibility analyses and business planning guides
    • Management team
      • a dedicated team that will meet up with you regularly to assist in the management of your business.
      • Includes:
        • accounting and audit services
        • HR services
        • Legal services and assistance
        • Marketing team
    • Arranging meetings with Government departments and officials
    • Marketing, promotional and public relations plans and strategies
    • Purchase negotiations on your behalf
    • Negotiations with landlords
    • Report on all local council regulations
    • Report on State Government regulations
    • Report on insurance needs and legal obligations
    • Report on employees - including awards, staffing needs and a full HR analyses
    • Tax report including: PAYE, BAS, Income tax
    • Registering a company or business
    • Trade mark and intellectual property protection / registrations
    • Possible Government grants and concessions
    • Evaluation and due diligence on joint-ventures and company acquisitions
    • Management plans and structures

* Travel, accommodation and related third party expenses will be quoted and costed in advance.



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