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Information on Driving in Australia


State specific:

New South Wales (NSW)

If you have the intention to reside in NSW and have received the appropriate visa/s you are not considered a visitor thus you may only drive on your overseas licence for a maximum of three months after your arrival in Australia. After this period if you wish to continue driving you must get a NSW licence.

You then will need:

* Give proof of your NSW address

* Prove your identity

* Pass an eyesight test

* Pass a knowledge test for each class of licence required

* Unless exempt, pass a driving test

You may be exempt from passing a driving test if you have held an Australian Drivers Licence before; hold a current New Zealand Licence, or have a licence from a country considered to have similar driving standards.

For more information visit:

Queensland (QLD)

For overseas drivers you will be required to obtain a Queensland Licence if residing for more than three months in Queensland.

Overseas drivers will then be required to pass a written test, this will cost approx $17. The test is comprised on 30 general questions for a motor car licence with an additional 5 for a motorbike licence. The road rules you will be tested on are contained in the book “Your Keys to Driving in Queensland” which may be brought from your local newsagent for approximately A$10. To see whether you are exempt from the practical test and for more information visit:

Victoria (VIC)

If you are in Victoria on a Permanent Visa you can only drive on your Overseas Licence for three months before you will be required to obtain a Victorian Licence.

To see if you are exempt from testing and for more information visit:

Western Australia (WA)

If you plan on becoming a permanent resident of WA you will be required to obtain a WA licence within three months of your arrival. To do this you will be required to provide the appropriate identification along with proof of residence in WA.

If just visiting WA you are permitted to drive on your overseas licence for up to 12 months. When applying for a WA licence you may be required to sit a written rules theory test. However you may be exempt from this testing depending on the country your licence was issued. To see if you are exempt from testing and for additional information visit:

South Australia (SA)

If you are an overseas visitor looking to reside in SA you also have three months to surrender your overseas licence and obtain one from SA. Due to similar driving standards in some countries you may not have to complete any further testing to obtain the SA licence, there is a list of pre-approved on the second link below:

Tasmania (TAS)

For more information visit:






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