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Client Testimonials

Comments & feedback from a few clients

Good day BCIS Team.

Right from my first dealing with Lindi, up till seeing my bar graph move to 100%, I have found your service professional and personal. The people that I dealt with personally ( Elna, Alison, Amy, Chris, Cornel, Shirley and Nicole) where all fantastic, and to the people behind the scenes, a big thank you.

There are already a few names in your data base that have come from me, and I hope I will convince others to spend their money on the right migration agent company.

With Nicole's motto of "I live for visa grants", and Chris's personal touch, BCIS is in good hands.

I will keep in touch.

Paul, Linda, Byron and Brittany.

Thanks Vic, we are so pleased! We will come back to you with any questions..

We just wanted to say that we though you guys were fantastic, incredibly efficient and the process using this website was clear and easy to follow.

We have already recommended you to two other friends looking to apply

Thanks again !     

Warm regards
Louise & Matthew (UK)

I can't thank you and all at BCIS enough for your help, advice and support, you made the whole thing a lot less daunting and I'd say to anyone considering using BCIS - "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!" We made contact with several agencies at the offset and BCIS came out on top - hands down. The service you offer is a rare thing in this world, I couldn't believe it the first time I got a response from you after a couple of hours and it was usually in the middle of the night for you! Once again, thank you. You've helped make two poms VERY happy:)

Chris (UK)

To the wonderful team at BCIS,

Firstly, a huge and sincere heartfelt thank you to both you and your superb team at BCIS for making our dreams come true and help us get our much wanted permanent visas to Australia. If there is a god then he or she surely thinks very highly of you and us alike.

You came to our salvation when everyone else had all but given up on us or were suggesting unrealistic visas which would have not only been completely unsuitable for us but also very risky and we were at the point of giving up! With three young children in tow it was not for the faint hearted.

Still, you believed in us and suggested that a 136 skills visa on the MODL list was achievable, something that we never imagined in a million years to be possible but you were quite adamant about it! No promises were made of course but the feeling was good for success on such a visa.

Today, as I hold my visa grant letter in my hands I can state that your gut feeling coupled with intimate knowledge of the immigration system has proved you right all those months ago and will finally allow us to live our dream and for that we owe you and your great team at BCIS our eternal gratitude.

For any prospecting immigrants out there looking for truly professional immigration agents who treat you in a dignified manner no matter what your circumstances, who will deal with stressful situations for you in the most relaxed manner possible and whom will give of themselves 100% to help you achieve your goals, please give yourselves the best chance of success and talk to all at BCIS Consultants in Perth without delay. We did.

Jorge and Michelle Davies-Clark
Devon - England

I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you and the BCIS team for all of your help during our visa application process.

You have always acted in a very professional and dignified manner, and at no point have I had any doubts about the quality of service you offer (despite reading all the horror stories about immigration consultants on the web and in immigration publications!)

Even when time got VERY tight and we were quite worried our visa wouldn't get in on time, you pulled out all the stops to make it happen and the application was submitted with time to spare.

If anyone is looking for a solid, reliable immigration consultant who will bend over backwards to provide a good service, keep you in the picture at all times and always respond to questions within a day (sometimes within an hour! even when it is in the small hours of the morning in perth!), I can highly recommend BCIS.

Thanks again guys, we are over the moon that we have finally got our visa!!

Scott and Jenny, Bournemouth, UK

Thankyou all for helping us achieve a dream (most other agents i contacted said we couldn't do it).

With regard to your sevices-I think they are first class,very prompt and friendly help and support. The online communication works extremely well which is all down to your fast responses to all queries. Without you guys guiding us through this the whole visa thing would have been very daunting.

House sold,job quit,visa granted-it's been and still is quite a ride-excitement,anxiety,relief,fear and joy. Sure makes you feel alive though.

Once again many thanks for everything you have all done...time for another celebration!!


i was unsure whever to go with a migration agent and if it would benefit my application for a visa, but i decided to go with BCIS and they asssured me after my full assesment that they were confident that they could get it.even after appointment i felt that i had many obsticals that would prevent it but their advice guided me through it. they were efficent and knew what they were doing . i got the visa . each client got personal attention from your own dedicated consultant .i would highly reccomend anyone applying for a visa to go with BCIS .
kieran lawrence (UK)

well lads what can we say..... the stress, trauma, anxiety, laughs, tears, shock, jubilation, excitement, the buzz of not knowing(but kinda expecting a positive outcome anyway!), the non-stop partying since we recieved the good news, all these things are down to you and we would go through it all again just to open that e-mail on that dark and otherwise unassuming wednesday night!!!!!

we are delighted that it came through and with a bit of time to spare!

but seriously lads do you ever sleep? who else would reply to emails in the middle of the night?

we hope cornel is lookin after you regarding the overtime and sleepness nights and all.

we appreciate everthing that you've done for us and that for every time we emailed you with ridiculous questions you managed to stay patient with us throughout! its good to see the progression bar finally progressing.

to cornel, elna, branko, humberto and anyone else we've encountered along the way but forgotten to name thank you all so much for being professional, understanding, courteous and above all friendly at tough times you were very supportive and we really appreciate it (you know what we mean) we are so looking forward to being aussie inhabitants, we only just got our ticket so the rides definetely not over yet.

you're all invited to the wedding on the 26th of july in port douglas next year to join in our celebrations (Oirish style), by the way..... you guys rock!!!!

talk to you soon, Dave and Cat XXXXXXXXX (UK)

In the words of Matt 'you beauty'!!!!!!

As for feedback. All the way through this process I have been singing your praises. From the initial phone call from BCIS, then our meeting in Bristol to today. The whole service has been first class. To open up our client page and see 100% is a truly fantastic feeling. That percentage bar has been like a life line - watching it grow from 34% right thought to 84% and then the big 100%. I could ramble about it and BCIS all day long!


Sarah & Matt (UK)

Fantastic news, really appreciate all your help and everyone we would wish to thank everyone who has helped us at BCIS. You have been excellent and easy to deal with, really professional an exceptional service that i can absolutely recommend to anyone wishing to use your services for migration to Oz. Once more thank you ever so much you have one very happy family here in the uk.

Kind Regards
Duncan & Family

Wow! Can't quite beleive it!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and an extra thank you!! We thought we were going to have to wait weeeks to hear from them, were getting really anxious and frustrated but this is great news. Fantastic. Celebrating tonight but got to get through a day's work somehow!! Don't think I'll be doing much!

Chat soon

Thank you,

John & Zoe (UK)

To the full team at BCIS

Please pass my thanks and appreciation to all your team - I can honestly say that even though my visa application was a little complicated and frustarted at times, you guys made it bearable.

Your web based client communication area is absolutely fantastic, your team always responded with 24hrs of me asking a question.

Thanks BCIS, will be recommending you to any body that wants to come to Aus.

Brian S & Family


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you assistance and support. We are very very excited and will book our flights tomorrow.

This is our dream come true and can'y wait to get over to Oz.

Looking forwards to some sunshine. Cornel, bring your wetsuit to the UK your gonna need it.

Can't thank you enough for all your help, you've been wonderfull.

Going to open a bottle of champaign I have been keeping for three months untill today.

Will speak to you soon.

Thanks from me and all the family.

kind regards

Sarah (sorry about the spelling too excited to type.) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The team has been brilliant

Thankyou ,Thankyou, Thankyou a million times to you and everyone at BCIS for your help and support over the last two years.There have been times when we nearly gave up,but you hung in there with us!
You have become friends over that two years and we have been through the ups and downs together!!
We couldn't have done this with out you. You really are a star and a dream maker!!
We have the visa grant winging it's way to Australia house, flights booked and Pets sorted.
still pinching ourselves!!
We really could not believe that those visa grant had come!
Thankyou for making our long awaited dream come true and helping change the lives of seven people.
once again a huge thankyou to you all!
Best wishes all the very best Paula,Carl, Samuel-Lloyd, Zachariah,Zigourney,Evangelista and Aurelia
xxxxxxx Good Bye Old Blighty!
Gud Day Australia!

I don't know how to convey a massive fantastic scream over email!!!!!!!!

We've just got back from a weekend away visiting a friend who's moved abroad & now i'm in tears (happy tears) & chris is grinning from ear to ear!!!!

thanks so much.....really couldn't have done this without you...going to have to absorb all this & then maybe come back with any questions....right now i'm shaking a little too much!!!!

Cna't thank you guys enough....we would love to pop in & say hi in person when we visit perth...we'll let you know our plans...

thanks again....

Rebecca & Chris (UK)


I just wanted to write a note to say thank you for your help with my visa application.

When I started investigating the possibility of moving to Australia I started by reading the DIMIA web site and I can still remember feeling overwhelmed and depressed!

Using an agent was not an easy decision, especially when looking at the cost. Having been through the process I would definitely recommend it to anyone, it was worth every penny. Although I have not posted I have used your online forums extensively as well when looking for information. They are an invaluable resource and the people responding clearly know what they are talking about.

The way you structure the application gives you a clear indication of what is happening now and what can be expected. This has been frustrating at times, like all the waiting, but it is excellent in showing exactly where you are in the process and if the ball was in my court or yours (mostly mine).

Being provided with check lists and instructions makes collating the information and filling out the correct forms very straight forward. Your response to my questions (even the silly ones) is incredibly fast and so no time is lost waiting around wondering what to do next.

I can only wish all the best with the company and future applications.

Thank you so much.


�Many thanks to all at BCIS team for all their hard work and dedication to make this move possible.

It was very daunting at first and we weren�t sure we would get through, but we are here now living the dream!!

BCISs service was very professional whilst still retaining a personal touch, all questions were usually answered within minutes and the support is second to none!!

We can whole heartedly recommend BCIS to get you out to OZ which has been the best decision we have made.

If you have a chance to get out here then do it!!!!!

Many Thanks

John and Janette (UK)

From myself, my wife & son thank you very much for all your help & advice during the visa application process. It certainly made good reading when my wife opened the mail!! and the couple of drinks or two last night were certainly enjoyable although to be honest it still has not sunk in that we are finally going. When we first started the process and we read some of the comments of the success stories I wondered what I would write to you to thank you. Here i am and I am speechless (for once), but I can only echo and certify from my own experience that BCIS, the staff are friendly, extremely professional in what you do, you know your stuff, the advice you give is sound and the thing that came across most is the personal touch. Once again many thanks for making our wishes come true.

Many Thanks.

Craig, Janette & Cory.

Yah beauty!!!!!!!!


...... Again thanks for everything that you have done and everybody as a team has done to get our application through. Both myself and Lea both hate filling in paperwork (which is prob why we are sports teachers) so for throughout the process to have everything clearly written down, with step by step process definately made the process alot easier and quicker for us.

We were also very impressed with the response to our many questions. I know at the outset you said we would get a response within 24hrs, but as you know these sort of promises from companies are usually hollow. However in BCIS's case it was completely true and so when we wanted to get things moving we were never held up for long as you would respond to our queries within this time.

As we said before thanks aswell for all the responding to the many questions we had especially the more simple ones which we still got a response for.

Thanks again, and no doubt we wil send another communication soon when we are next stuck

Take it easy

Mark n Lea (UK)

I'm speechless. I would like to send my most sincere thanks to BCIS. I believe you are the most efficient agent there is and I 'll never forget your personal touch in everything. Through and through it seems I was working towards my visa with a member of the family who happens to be expert in immigration field.

Thanks for all the immediate support, that first assessment that got us all excited, your sense of humour and care!

Lisa, thanks for all the late night replies, the patience, the long hours and the support!

Hubert, thanks for the efficiency, for dealing with CO in difficult situations and for your patience with my impatience!

To all of BCIS team, my huge thanks. I would highly recommend your service to all I know who contemplate about immigrating to Aus.

Le Anh (Vietnam)

It is fantastic news about our visas, sorry we have not replied earlier but we have just returned from a short break.
We would both like to thank you for all the hard work you put into our application. Throughout the application process, we received nothing but helpful, friendly, prompt advice and instructions. We would particulary like to express our thanks to Hazel who has been extremely helpful, happily answering all our stupid questions normally during her Sunday dinner.

All the best
Matt and Stephanie

Thank you so much !!!!!!!!

Amazing news.....thank you for a brilliant service and all your help over the past few months.

You have a great team- keep up the great work!!!

Thankyou thankyou thanbkyou

BESTEST regards
Seb and Jo

We're just starting to digest the past 24 hours; both still in shock, but coming round slowly.................

Again, thanks for the fantastic support BCIS have shown Curtis & I for the past year & half. The stupid questions & impatience on my behalf, What a legend you guys are.

Thanks so much for the continuous help & support you�ve provided the past umpteen months, we always new this was our dream and thanks to the continued support from BCIS we achieved it.


Jane & Curt (UK)

What fantastic news! Always knew you guys would pull it off!
We are made up and so looking forward to it.
many thanks for your kind support and great help over the last 8 months. It seems like only yesterday we met in Liverpool.......
Thanks ever so much once again and keep up the top work.
All the Best guys
John & Pam and kiddies (UK)
Wow, how grateful we are to you all!
Thanks Lisa and all of your team for all of your hard work.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to Cornel and Hazel for our initial interview in Manchester. We are so glad we chose BCIS, your the best!

Thanks again Alan, Marina, Christina and Christopher xxxxxxxxxxxx  (UK)

Once again thank you - we have been impressed with the speed, ease and accuracy of your service compared to some of the horror stories we have read about and we would certainly recommend you to any future potential migrants.


Great news that the visa has been granted. Many, many thanks for your efforts and professionalism throughout. Looking forward to catching up with you later in the year when we come across.

Thanks also for the excellent business plans, access to the BCIS network and the answers to our flood of questions !

Cheers and again "tatenda chaiso" - many thanks.

Anthony (Zimbabwe)

WWWWwwwoooooooo YYYeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Fantastic, Brilliant, Amazing, Crazy, �$%^&&@!!! :)

Fabulous news.....

Thanks soooo much for all your help getting our visas. We are soooo relieved to have finally received them ........

Thanks once again.....Its made our Christmas...and our year.

Merry Christmas to you all and a happy and prosperious New Year.

Will pop in to see you when we land (ring the bell with my elbow:)

Julian, Justine & Jasmine (UK)

Well done to the BCIS team.
You have helped us realise our dream (and put up with our low spots)
This will be a Halloween party to remember (depending on the wine consumed)
We are all so exited after all of this time so we will have to come back to you later with sensible answers & questions but for now WELL DONE FOR THE ADVICE & SUPPORT.

Bill & Gillian (UK)

What a way for me to celebrate my new year!! I'd like to thank all the team for helping me to get my visa. i can't thank you guys enough.I am more than satisfied with your fast and very friendly service and will have no hesitation in recomending you to friends that my require your services in the future. THANK YOU GUYS.

Phil (UK)

You have given me more valuable information in 10 minutes than I have been able to obtain in months of phoning/writing etc. I now know where I stand and what I need to do.

I will keep this web site and refer anyone I know/meet who needs to apply.

David (Australia)

"...unreal, I am on my way to becoming an Aussie ! BCIS, you guys have been fantastic ! Great service, fantastic updates and always there for us (don't you ever sleep !). I don't know how I could have done this wouthout your support, assistance and specially the constant feedback and keeping us motivated ...."

Chris (UK)

" ...thank you for the help, this service will be recommended to any of my friends wishing to travel, fast and efficient! once again thank you "

Guy (Sweden)

".. from me and my family, a big thank you to you all at BCIS ! You were there for us all the time, you delivered the services promised, and more than that, you put up with our endless questions and concerns with great patience.

Take it from me, you guys are wonderful people and extremely supportive. You deserve a pat on the back daily.

More power to you !"

Paul & Francine (UK)

Oh my God! We were not expecting this today! We are in total shock. Extremely chuffed but it hasn't sunk in yet.

Thank you so much for all your help over this last year..............Thankyou so much again.

Mathew, Emmeline, Dylan and Erin

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us. We are very excited and cannot wait to get out to Oz!

Once again thanks

Michael and Tracey (UK)

"......Oh! and the fact that you replied to one of my emails at about 4am (your time) just shows what an outstanding service you all provide!!...."

Ali (UK)

"I can not believe this - but I should ! You said it will happen, but I am still in cloud 9.  Thank you so much to all of you at BCIS. I don't know where to start, but from my heart, thank you.

All my life I wanted to retire in Australia. After a previous refusal before I was so despondant, and thought thsi would never happen. I can not thank my luck for meeting up with you !...."

Diana (UK)

"Thanks for the prompt response � this is where one can see with what type of company one is dealing with. My contract with BCIS has been completed and the goods been delivered. Now that I require more support I am not just being fobbed off because the contract has been completed � I am most impressed! Thanks! "  

Mr. H (South Africa)  

"Congrats .. your visa has been granted ! Those were the sweetest words I have ever heard !

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You people at BCIS are the best, 4 other agents, all said no way, and here we go with those sweet words. My port is on me Cornel !"

Steven (Uk)

Posted in our public forums:

wow, got a shock email this morning from BCIS, we got our STNI visa to South Australia, non MOdL but front loaded with PCCs and then unrequested meds in mid Oct, sent on only the 12th Sept.

Can't quite believe and we are so not organised, better get to it now then. Still having Xmas here though, turkey's alreasy oredered, who cares about Bird flu when you've got a visa in the pipeline.

Thanks again to you all, you were more efficient than I could ever believe, hugs to you all Claire :)

" Thank you very much for the good news ...... Thank you for all you have done. It is well appreciated. We can recommend you to anybody wishing to do what we have done. "


Liz and George. (South Africa)

"....u guys r giving a terrific service to people like us Well done!..."

Alameenqadir (Australia) - forums

We would both like to thank you and your team for all the help you have given us, and for keeping in touch with us at all stages of the application. We really appreciate it.

I will get in touch when we have some firm dates and plans.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!

John and Sarah

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your professional, friendly and supportive service provided. Should have gone with BCIS the first time......can not express how happy I am.....

Thank you again, I will highly recommend you to all my friends and associates.

Dinesh (India)

Dear Cornel and team,

On behalf of the Wilson family, I would like to say a big "thankyou"  to all at BCIS for your excellent service given to us over the past year in helping us obtain our visas........... Mr. P & Mrs T Wilson (Zimbabwe)

Very impressed with your outstanding effort to help us in our time of need!


Yilmaz  (Turkey)

Thank you for the great service, and we look forward to meeting with the whole team in future !

Margie and Lance (Dubai)

Received my visa today with thanks. Your services were very organised and impressive. Well done. Incidentally, my daughter, Caryn is now back in Perth and absolutely delighted. Her skilled migration visa came through as well thanks to your excellent services and on the same day she got a job with her old firm! Everything just slotted into place. All in God's plan.

Kind regards.

DIANA (Zimbabwe)

I must admit to being very impressed with the support you have given already. Like I said in a earlier note, some companies wont even reply to a simple question without asking for money! It really does seem that you guys and girls actually care about your clients.

Jonny (UK)

We like the service we have received from BCIS - we are glad we chose BCIS as we find everyone very helpful and friendly.

Gina (China)

I will continue to advise my friends to use your company !

Best regards

Andre (Zimbabwe)

What can we say .. your services were beyond efficient, friendly and effective ! You all went the extra mile, and always made us feel so special. Thank you thank you thank you ! We are on our way !

Kind regards

Taryn & Mike (UK)

Whooo hooo ! Thank you so much for the great news. BCIS were fantastic ! Always friendly, always there for us, and very quick with assistance, replies and follow ups.

Thank you again, we can't wait to meet you all in person.

Best regards

Karen (Canada)

This is to thank the entire BCIS team . We have received the passports with the stamped visa's.

My compliments to all. The entire application process was handled extremely well.

Prakash R (India)

The happiest day of our lives ! Thank you to all of you at BCIS. You made our dreams come true !



First of all,thank you for your reply. I haven't found any service that is very friendly like yours........Thanks for everyhing,greatly appreciate your reply.
nesliecedeniz (Turkey)

Brilliant ! Thank you to all of you at BCIS. I have never seen or experienced service excellence like this. You guys (and girls) were and are truly amazing.

Seeya soon !

Peter & Sarah (USA)

Thanks for your (as usual) prompt reply. Our visas are in our passports - never thought this day would arrive. I should have used BCIS first time round ....


Mike (UK)

I am very much pleased to read your email in which you showed me the different tracks that lead to a single point and that is Australia.

With Best Regards Waseem (Pakistan)

We are overjoyed - thank you so much. A bottle of champagne is about to be opened - 07.00 in the morning. We will bring one with us to celebrate at BCIS when we get there.

Tears of joy are blurring this email so will end now but will contact you from England on Monday.

Once again thank you, thank you, thank you.

Fondest regards,

Chris & Sally (UK)

Thanks to you and your team. It's a pleasure having someone else do the dirty work. You know we pilots detest admin. I will be sure to recommend BCIS to anyone else that's interested.

Will be in touch. Cheers.

Bruce (SA)


We are delighted to hear this news. And I can not Thank BCIS enough for your professional help and guidance throughout this process.

Best Regards

Ashish (India)

Thanks a lot ,

I and my wife truly appreciate the professional help and assistance we got from BCIS Consultants. We would certainly like to see you some day in Australia. We will keep you posted on developments from our side as well as our arrival plan. Thank you once again. Its been a pleasure working with all of you.

Best Regards, Chris (Canada)

We now have our passports with the 136 visa in our hands. NOW WE CAN CELEBRATE! Thanks for your congratulations. All the hard work from both sided paid off. Well done to you and your team.

Kind regards

Marc (SA)

It is now official - our passports have the visa entry in them and I have made 3 certified copies and placed them on file. Now I am happy and can celebrate and now can accept your congrats!! Well done to you and your team. It has been two years of hard work from both sides but well worth it.

This is not the end of our relationship as you now have us right on your back door!

Best wishes - mate!

M.B (UK)

Thanks for the note - we will make a plan for the party later. We will be flying inyo Sydney on 6 th July to make the first entry. I will stay for six weeks or so but Jill will return after two weeks to Zimbabwe. When we make the final move we will be coming via Perth and staying a few days there.(We want to do drivers licences.) Thanks to you and your team for all the work - we are really excited now. Cheers, Frank. (Zimbabwe)

Thank you very much for your mail. The New Arrival Guide is very informative and should help us a lot in preparing for the big day and also on arriving in Australia. You and your team have been very supportive during the two years we have been interacting with you and we are very happy with the service being provided by BCIS Consultants. In fact, as I once wrote to you, I would have no hesitation in recommending BCIS Consultants to anybody aspiring to migrate to Australia.

Best regards, Nitin (India)

Great news!, This is a quick e-mail to thankyou for all your help, And to let you know that I have already had a job offer from a Volvo truck dealership in Melbourne which i have Accepted Will be in touch soon ,thanks again

Steven And Tracey (UK)

A huge thank you to you all for getting our visa through soooooo fast. You need a pat on the back!!!! You have all been so helpful, pleasent, efficient and very patient and we are so grateful thank you. We hope to be coming over at the end of the year and will be in touch then, if not before.

Kind Regards

David and Amanda (UK)

Many thanks for working so hard and getting the visas for us.

Thanks again.

Dhiren (India)

Thanks a lot,

I and my wife truly appreciate the professional help and assistance we got from BCIS Consultants. We would certainly like to see you some day in Australia. We will keep you posted on developments from our side as well as our arrival plan.

Thank you once again. Its been a pleasure working with all of you.

Best Regards, Ashish (India)

I just would like to say I am glad I have chosen BCIS Consultant as my agent in this prosess which I can describe as being very efficient, professional and stress free. I am happy it has been successful and I would like to say thanks a lot for the assistance especially to the consultants - you have all been very prompt in your replies.

Thank you.

Regards, Mohamed (Malaysia)

Well done !!!

......I just want to make use of the opportunity to thank you and your team for the world - class service....

All the best.

Pierre (RSA)

Thank you very much for the great news and all the assistance up to now.  My plans are being formed but I have an idea I will be coming out early next year (2004) to have a look around.  From there the BIG decision will be made.

Thanks, Chantal (RSA)

A very BIG THANK YOU � another satisfied customer!!

Thanks for all the advice and support

Thanks again for the help.

Kind regards, Carl (RSA)

Thank you thank you thank you ! You guys are simply the best ! Wonderful service, friendly people, and always there 24/7 to help out. Don't you you ever sleep ?   Kind regards, Brian (USA)  

..what a wonderful surprise to wake up to this news ! Thank you so much for your fantastic assistance, and service. Made my day, my year and my life. Australia here we come !

Frances (Austria)

Cornel, we wish to take this opportunity to thank you personally, and all the staff at BCIS who were involved in our application and for making it a success.

Well, I will sign off now by saying thank you once again, and I will keep you up dated with any news and changes.

Regards, Nick and family (Zimbabwe)


You've got an excellent online forum. This is realy matchless. I couldn't find any other service like this on the internet!!! Congratulations, On maintaining such a nice service!

thank you very much for taking the trouble to reply to my last post "about getting married" you answer was very encouraging to me and my fiance, you put a smile on both our faces.

i'm sure i will be posting you again looking for more advise in the near future, once again we thank you

Newsgroup post

Thank you so much for the great news. Many thanks to all of you at BCIS ,youn have been great. Yours sincerely Evelyne (France)

......By the way, thanks for the quick & detailed response on the e-consult last time. Am looking forward to posting more questions there. I like the tool, am lodging my application on my own but from time to time I do encounter issues that requires expertise - the e-consult is a relatively cheap alternative to full-time services....

Angelico (UK)   


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