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Countries G to I

Obtaining Police Clearances from different countries

Obtaining Police clearances countries G to I


" Polizeiliches Fúhrungszeugnis ". Each person over the age of fourteen may obtain a police certificate. The application has to be filed with the registration office ("Meldebeh ö rde") having jurisdiction over the applicant's residence. The applicant has to provide evidence of identification.

You can go to your "Einwohnermeldeamt" and request a "Führungszeugnis". You pay a fee for this, and several weeks later, it will be mailed to your home address.

If you are male, and completed your mandatory military service, you should have received discharge papers, and several copies of your service record ("Wehrdienstzeitbescheinigung") upon your release. 

Former residents of Germany, no longer registered in Germany, can apply for the police certificate directly at:

Bundeszentralregister, Auslandabteilung, Neurenberger Str. 16, 10969 Berlin Phone: 030/25388

Fee: DM 15.00 for each copy. processing time: three to four weeks. The police certificate does not necessarily show the complete criminal history. Certain decisions of criminal courts of minor importance are not included. After a certain time, minor convictions are no longer recorded. The length of this period depends on the nature and scope of the legal punishment imposed, and thereafter, whether any additional sentences were entered into the registry.


Here's a contribution from meauxna regarding police certificate:

The Athens Consulate has just this month changed the type of Police Report they want. We had already procured the original, simpler type and had to re-apply for the new one. Fortunately, it only takes 2 weeks to get, and you order it on the phone (from within Greece). The number to dial is 1502, which is not a "normal" number here. The number they gave us to call for follow ups is (+30) 010-77-14833. This might give someone joy if calling from outside Greece. The Police Report is called Pinikou Mitrou and you MUST request Typo Beta. Tell them it's for immigration purposes. They request your father and mother's names, place of birth, basic details like that and in Greece, bill the 2.50euros as a COD (pay on receipt at the post office). You must sign for the envelope in person.

Both times we used the call in service, it was very prompt, the people were knowledgeable and it went very smooth. The one time we tried to get the report in person, as the Embassy recommends, it was a disaster and waste of time. NB: Alien spouse is a UKC residing in Greece. We also had to get a UK Police Certificate.

"If applying from outside of Greece, both Greek and foreign nationals must apply to their local Greek Embassies and include in their written application the full details of theri identity.

Non Greek applicants visiting or living in Greece and foreign born Greek applicants should apply in person to the Ipiresia Pinikou Mitrou for foreigners, Mesogion 96, 101 79 Athens Greece, tel 7713.503, 7712.837 and 7759.294"


Police clearance applications can be obtained from the Consulate. You will need to submit the form with 3 photographs, finger prints, and application fee (Guy$500.00). You will obtain your certificate within a week.

Please note that finger prints should be taken at the International Fingerprinting Services. A relative can also file for you, if not, you can submit it to the Guyana Consulate. However, this takes longer, sometimes three to six months.

Hong Kong

Certificate of No Criminal Conviction - Notes to Local Applicants

Certificates of No Criminal Conviction are issued, when applicable, by the Hong Kong Police Force solely in connection with a person's application for a visa to visit or reside in another country.

Application Procedures and Documentation Requirements

Applications for Certificates for private commercial or any other purposes will not be accepted. Every applicant should attend in person the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Office, which is located at:

14 Floor, Arsenal House,
Police Headquarters,
1 Arsenal Street,
Wanchai, Hong Kong 

General enquiry:

The opening hours for receiving applications with payments are:

  • Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:15pm (Please note: Payment at Police Shroff closes between 1:00pm and 2:00pm and at 5:00pm.)
  • Saturday is closed
  • Sunday & Public holiday are closed.

Note: The MTR station is Admiralty - Exist E2.

The applicant should bring along the following documents:

  • His or Her Hong Kong Identity Card or Travel Document.
  • The original and a photocopy (for each applicant) of the letter from the relevant Consulate / Immigration Authority, which contains his or her name and clearly indicates that the production of the Certificate is required.
  • The original and a photocopy of the document s proving his or her relationship with the Principal Applicant for the visa if the said letter does not contain his or her own name.
  • Processing fee of HK$165 per person. Payment can be made in cash, Octopus cards or by cheque which should be crossed and made payable to "The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" are accepted. Add-value service for Octopus cards will not be provided by this office. 

Telephone Appointment in Advance:

Applicants may elect to make an advance appointment through the Automatic Telephone Appointment Booking System at 2396 5351, no less than one day in advance of the intended appointment.

Consent for Fingerprint Taking and Authorization to disclose Criminal Records and Issurance of Certificate:

  1. All applicants must consent to have their fingerprints taken. They will be required to sign an authorization to the effect that their fingerprints can be retained by the Hong Kong Police Force and that details of any criminal conviction recorded against him or her in Hong Kong, can be disclosed to the appropriate Consulate / Immigration Authority.
  2. If no criminal conviction data against the applicant in Hong Kong is located, they shall issue a letter and send it directly by registered mail to the relevant Consulate / Immigration Authority within four calendar weeks.
  3. If criminal conviction data is found, both the relevant Consulate / Immigration Authority and the applicant will be replied with a letter advising that the Certificate could not be issued and listing out the conviction data by registered post within the prescribed period.
  4. If the applicant is under investigation by the Hong Kong Police Force, or is currently a defendant in criminal proceedings in Hong Kong, or is subject of non-payment of fine including traffic offences, his/her application will not be further processed until the matter concerned has been concluded. They shall issue a letter to the applicant informing that his/her application is pending conclusion of the matter. Once there are no outstanding matters, a Certificate or letter will be issued, in accordance with sections 2 & 3 above.

Handling of Personal Data

The personal data provided by the applicants will only be used for the purpose of processing their applications. Every applicant has the right to request for access and correction of his or her personal data, by sending a written request to the Chief Inspector (Support) Identification Bureau at 10/F, Arsenal House West Wing, Police Headquarters, 1 Arsenal Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong. In order to recover the administrative cost of acceding to such request, the applicant may be charged for any copy of the data requested, and in most cases, the prevailing government rate for photocopies will apply. All fingerprints and other personal data collected shall be destroyed within a reasonable period of time upon conclusion of the application process.


Indian Citizens must apply for a ‘Police Clearance Certificate’ in person from the district Passport Office.

Resident non-citizens must apply in person at the local police station.

Non-residents must apply to the Indian High Commission in the country of residence.

In India it takes on average between 1 month (smaller cities) to 3 months (larger cities).


Police Certificates of Character are issued only for the attention of Consular Authorities and for Foreign Adoptions Boards and not for employment or any other purpose.

Where to apply:

  • Persons resident in Republic of Ireland - apply to local Garda Station
  • Persons resident outside of Ireland - apply in writing:

By post to: Chief Superintendent Liaison & Protection Garda Headquarters Phoenix Park
Dublin 8

By fax to: 00 353 1 666 2854

By e-mail to:

Details to be supplied:

  • Full name as on birth certificate (including maiden/married name if applicable)
  • Date and place of birth (or copy of birth certificate)
  • Current address:
  • All addresses at which you resided in Republic of Ireland
  • Purpose (i.e. Embassy) for which Certificate is required
  • Stamped, self addressed envelope if applying to local Garda Station
  • There is no fee for the issue of a Police Certificate of Character Issue of a Police Certificate of Character usually takes up to 4 weeks


If a person has been arrested and tried the sentence is available from the court where the trial took place. The Certificato Penale Generale is a certified record of final court convictions and decisions regarding mental incompetency and bankruptcy or a statement that no record exists ("Nulla"). Those born in Italy can obtain the certificate from the Procura della Republica. For persons born outside of Italy, the certificate is issued by the:

Judicial and Criminal Records office (Casellario Giudiziale per i Nati all'Estero) Procura of Rome, Piazzale Clodio, 00100 Rome, Italy

Request for this certificate for immigration purposes only should be accompanied by the applicant's birth certificate and approximately $2.50 in postage coupons to offset the cost of reply.

From a newsgroup regular : "I sent in my request Fed-Ex with a Fed-Ex prepaid envelop to speed up the process. I did not send any money because I was afraid they would stick a stamp on an envelope and send the document in the mail (taking 1-4 weeks or more). After 2 weeks I telephoned, 39-06-3879-2390, and discovered that my request was just sitting there because they were waiting for approximately $4 to cover some cost. I have Fed-Ex'ed $5 and I am now waiting for them to send the documents."




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