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Countries Q to Z

Obtaining Police Clearances from different countries

Police Clearances countries Q to Z


Just send a letter requesting a Certificate of no previous convictions ("spravka ob otsytstvii sydimostei") with your full present and previous names, address, phone number, date and place of birth to the Main Information Center of Internal Affairs Ministry of Russian Federation in Moscow ("Glavnyi Informacionnyi Centr Ministerstva Vnutrennih Del Rossiyskoi Federacii"). No fee needed.

Here is the address:

- 67, Novocheremyshkinskaya street, 117418, Moscow.
Phone number: +7 (095) 332-30-58.

They don't want you to send them stamped self-addressed envelope.

But you'd better ask in your request to send the Certificate via mail. They usually expect that you would prefer to come to pick it up in person even if you live 800 km from Moscow.

It takes 3-4 weeks to issue a Police Certificate. If they have not replied you in a month or two, call them and they will check if it is already sent.


How can I apply for a CNCC?

To apply for a CNCC, the applicant is required to produce documents from the relevant authority to substantiate that a foreign country requires the CNCC for a specific purpose. If the applicant is a foreigner, he or she must show documentary proof of stay in Singapore for a period of 6 months or more.

Can I apply for a CNCC on behalf of others?

You can submit an application on behalf of others if you are able to provide all the necessary documents required (i.e completed application form by the applicant, copy of current passport, copies of proof of stay in Singapore, full set of fingerprints taken by the Police or qualified fingerprint officer, 2 copies of passport size photographs, documentary proof from immigration authority requiring the certificate and the fee.) Submission made in person is between 9.00 am to 12.00 noon , Monday to Friday.

How can I submit my application for a CNCC?

You can submit your application for a CNCC in person if you are in Singapore or by post if you are overseas.

For application in person, you should go to:
Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC) Office
Police Cantonment Complex
Blk D #02-01A
New Bridge Road
Singapore 088762.

Submission made in person can be made between 9.00 am to 12.00 noon (Monday to Friday, excluding public holiday)

For application by post, you should address the application to:

Head Criminal Records
391 New Bridge Road
Blk C Police Cantonment Complex
Singapore 088762

How can I make payment for a CNCC?

Depending on the mode of application, you can make payment through any of the following methods:

Application in Person - NETS, Cash Card, Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard).

Application by Post - Bank Draft made payable through
(if you are overseas) Singapore banks to 'Head Criminal Records CID'. (In Singapore Dollar).

How much do I have to pay?

The amount to be paid depends on whether the certificate is to be collected in person or to be sent by post to an overseas address, which are as follows:

Certificate To Be Collected In Person - S$45.00
Certificate To Be Sent To Overseas Address - S$50.00

How and where can I obtain fingerprint forms?

In Singapore , the fingerprint forms can be obtained at:

Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC) Office
Police Cantonment Complex
Blk D #02-01A
New Bridge Road
Singapore 088762

Outside Singapore , you may use the fingerprint form available from the local Police Station or write to the CNCC Office for the forms to be mailed to you. There is no fee charged for the obtaining the fingerprint form only.

How may I obtain a letter from an Embassy or documentary proof from an immigration authority/department to show that CNCC is required for application for permanent resident (PR)?

You may use any documents issued by the immigration authority/department asking you to produce the CNCC to support your application for a specific purpose (eg migration, child adoption, etc.).

Who can I contact if I have further queries with regard to the CNCC requirements?

You can contact the CNCC Office at Tel: (65) 64358275 or (65) 64358277.

How long does it take to process my CNCC application?

It normally takes two weeks upon receipt of your application.

South Africa

Police clearance certificates may be acquired from the any police station. Fingerprints are also done from the police station which forwards them to the Central Registry. If you live close to Pretoria or if you are willing to travel, you may take the forms in yourself. They will hand you a receipt, indication time and date of collection. Usually within 40 days. They will NOT take your fingerprints at the Central Registry. You MUST have it taken at (any) police station prior to approaching the CR. It costs R 54 - and you must take the correct money with you - in cash.

You must submit the following:

  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • South African identity document
  • Application form
  • Fees of R 54

(PS we have been told that you would do yourself a favour by avoiding the public toilets there due to lack of hygiene and maintenance)


Residents of Turkey needs to apply to the Public Prosecutor's Office in your nearest large town. If you are not living in Turkey, then apply to your nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate.

If residing in Ankara, apply to:

Ankara Cumhuriyet Bas
Zemin Kat
Sihhiye - Ankara 

If you are not a Turkish national, apply to: Security Police, Foreign Department (Yavancilar Polisi) in the nearest city to where you are living.

United Kingdom

To obtain a Police Certificate in the UK, go to your local police station and request a form called "Subject Access". Send send this with the ten pounds fee to the Data Protection Officer of the police force for the area you are resident in. This form is then sent by the police to Scotland Yard and the results are supplied to the individual requesting them within a statutory 40 day time limit. If you're waiting for your certificate try 0171-230-3751 to see what state it's at.

The address of the Subject Access Office is:

Subject Access Office
Metropolitan Police
London SW1H 0YY

The forms initially required are HMSO Form 3019 and 3019 B (sending an A4 Stamped Addressed envelope with the request to the above address is recommended).

For the required Military Records, all one needs is the Certificate of Discharge supplied by all the services in the UK on leaving that service.

For UK Army the 'Red Book' Regular Army Certificate of Service is what is required. The UK Army forces enquiries are sent to:

Army Personnel Centre
Personnel Records Section
Room 424
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
Glasgow G2 8EX
Phone: 0141 224 8886

The address for ex-Royal Air Force people to obtain copy of service records is:

Royal Air Force
Personnel Management Agency
Phone: 01452 712612 Extn: 7615 -

From a newsgroup regular : "If a person first committed an offence before 1983 in the UK, this or any subsequent offences are not shown on the police record. The reply will state "These records are held on manual files and are therefore not subject to the Data protection act." This means that you can have an awful job trying to obtain court records unless you have a photographic memory for dates."

United States of America

To obtain an FBI clearance, go to a local police station, FBI field office, or Immigration Service Center and obtain a fingerprint form, fill out the form and get fingerprinted. Mail the card with a certified cheque or money order for US$18 made payable to the "U.S. Treasury" to the following address:

CJIS Division
Attn: Special Correspondence - Mode - D2
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, West Virginia
26306 USA

Include a letter stating the request and reason for the FBI Clearance certificate.

A resident of the US can obtain a police clearance through their local police station.




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