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Evidencing your visa

Your visa is now granted – what  next ?


Next steps checklist

Make sure you complete and return the form "notification of change of circumstances" to DIAC or the local embassy with your file details on the forms


Present your passports to your local embassy to have the visas "evidenced" (pasted) into your passport (we will provide instructions on this) together with a copy of your visa grant letter


When you get your passports back with the visas in them, immediately make 2 copies (and certify them) of your Australian visa page, and keep these in your "visa file" (in case your passport is lost or stolen – makes it easier to get a new visa issued)


Open up a visa / migration file for yourself and keep all critical documents in that folder. (see checklist below of what you should keep in it). This folder must be kept in a safe place and taken with you when you fly to Australia


Check the visa and accompanying letters. Make sure you arrange to make your first entry into Australia by the date shown ! Note that the main applicant MUST enter Australia first (or at the same time as the dependents). On your first entry, you may stay indefinitely, or make only a short entry to validate your visa.


Note that a permanent residence visa is normally (exceptions apply) valid for entry (apart from the first entry) for 5 years. You MUST take up residency within this 5 year period. Should you not do so, you will at best get a 3 month Resident Return Visa (RRV) at the end of the 5 year period if you are not resident in Australia to enable you to return to Australia as a resident. If you are resident in Australia at the end of your 5 year initial period, you may apply for a RRV in Australia to enable you to travel in & out of Australia if you are not yet a citizen.

To get a 5 year RRV, you must stay in Australia at least 9 of the last 12 months of the initial 5 years. (absolute minimum criteria for a 5 year RRV)


To become a citizen, you must be resident in Australia as a permanent resident for at least 2 years (730 days) cumulatively – and of these 2 years, be here at least 9 months in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of application for citizenship. You will remain subject to the migration act (and visas) until you are a citizen (and obtain an Australian Passport)


Business skills migrants are reminded to check the criteria for business migrants as contained in our guide on the subject !


PR visa holders (and their dependents) usually have no work limitations at all on their visas and may work anywhere from date of arrival.


Always keep BCIS informed of your address and contact details (at least for your first 3 years after arrival in Australia




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