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First entry into Australia

arriving in Australia for the first time after visa grant

What to do on your first entry into Australia

Apart from the G'day mate & welcome to Australia, the following checklist may be of use for you.

Hints & tips

-          Spend at least 3 weeks in each city you are thinking of making your home town (and visit at least 2 of the major cities)

-          Do not stay in hotels. We recommend self catering units � will give you the opportunity to experience shopping, and real living conditions in Australia

-          Rent a car from a place like BAYSWATER � much cheaper than the big companies.

-          Attend an BCIS info session for new migrants

-          Look around, investigate, drive �.and talk to other migrants, advisors, friends and BCIS representatives.


On the flight:

-          Complete the arrivals card (yellow card or blue card)

-          State that you are (A) migrating permanently to Australia, or if you are a temporary resident, that you are migrating temporarily

-          Make sure you have no food / seeds etc in your baggage

-          Declare all CASH (not travelers cheques) in excess of AUD 10 000


On arrival in Customs hall

-          Present your passports

-          Collect your baggage and clear customs


If arranged, an BCIS representative or agent will be in the arrivals hall to meet with you and to take you to your initial destination. Keep a lookout for your name on a board !


Remember to bring :

-          Your drivers licence (not international licence � just your normal licence)

-          Credit cards

-          Any other identification documents you may have

-          If you bring any foreign currency or TC�s, try to bring AUD, USD or Sterling


If you are going to stay for a period exceeding 4 weeks, you may as well :-

-          Open a bank account

-          Get your Australian drivers licence (your ID in Australia)

-          Arrange to meet an BCIS BMS representative to discuss employment and business matters



Hints & Tips


Send your CV to us at least 6 weeks before you come over (for employment assistance)


Get BCIS BMS to assist you with your business matters & planning (business migrants) and start this at least 4-6 weeks before coming over yourself


Bring your �visa / migration� folder with you


Do not buy a house to live in for your first year � rent. Much cheaper and you can do much better with your capital in your first year than tying it up in a house. Investment properties are an entirely different story �.


Buy a car. (see our guide on buying a car for more details)


Get your drivers licence


Schools. Look for good public schools or reputable private schools.


Job interviews & finding a job

-          Australianise your CV / resume

-          Attend an BCIS info session on employment !


Create a credit record for yourself. Get a credit card (need evidence of employment or income � from any source world wide � to do this). Even if you intend buying a cheap car (or expensive one) using cash, finance a small portion of it � all helps to build a credit record here.


Speak with reputed investment advisors and let your money work for you (we can assist with this)


Join a local sports club or group


Go shopping together (husband and wife) � will help you to come to grips with pricing in Australia


Your accountant will be your best friend here �. contact BCIS BMS for assistance





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