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Going For Medicals

Medical examinations for Australian migration applications


If you have been asked to undergo a chest x-ray, you will need to: " obtain Form 160 - "Radiological report on chest x-ray of an applicant for an Australian visa" (one per person 16 years or over). This form can ONLY be obtained from a DIAC office; and " telephone to make an appointment with a panel doctor. If you have been asked to undergo an x-ray and a full medical examination, you must see the radiologist first, as the GP will need your x-ray as part of her/his examination. Generally, applicants under 16 years of age will not be required to undergo a chest x-ray.

Before your appointment:

  • affix a passport sized photograph of yourself in the area indicated on Form 160; and
  • complete Parts A and E before attending the radiological examination.

During the appointment, you must complete Part B- Applicant's declaration in the presence of the radiologist. They will complete the rest of the form and will give you the report and x-ray to take to the GP (if a medical examination is also required).


If you have been asked to undergo a full medical examination, you will need to:

  • obtain Form 26 - "Medical examination for an Australian visa" (one per person). This form can ONLY be obtained from a DIAC office; and
  • telephone to make an appointment with a panel doctor."

Before your appointment:

  • affix a passport sized photograph of yourself in the area indicated on Form 26;
  • complete Parts A and D before attending the medical examination;
  • Part B- Applicant's declaration must be completed in the presence of the examining doctor;
  • if you have children, a parent or guardian should fill in the forms on their behalf;
  • if anyone in your family wears glasses or a hearing aid, they must take them to the appointment; and
  • if you or any of your family has a history of any significant illness, you must obtain a report from your treating doctor,
    together with copies of any significant investigations or letters, to provide to the doctor who will examine you.

The examination will involve:

  • undressing to underwear. Women should expect a breast examination and men should expect an examination of the
    genitalia. Internal examinations are not usually required;
  • urine tests for all applicants over 5 years of age. In this respect, women should avoid visiting the panel doctor during
    or shortly after menstruation, as it can interfere with the urine test;
  • an HIV test ONLY for migration applicants aged 15 years and over.
  • At the end of the examination, the doctor will seal the reports in the envelope provided and give them to you. It is your responsibility to forward the untampered and sealed report directly to this office. Please do not send us your x-ray plates unless we specifically ask for them or the doctor requests you to do so. The x-ray report Form 160 is normally all we need. Please note: Medical examinations and chest x-rays are valid for 12 months.


Pregnant applicants may not wish to undergo the chest x-ray. In this case, it is expected that the health checks would normally be deferred - and therefore the finalisation of the application - until after the baby is born. If the applicant is prepared to have the x-ray while pregnant, special precautions are recommended.

She should talk about these with her family doctor. If we have not been advised that a principal applicant or accompanying family member is pregnant, the principal applicant must write to us, giving the person's name and the expected date of delivery. When the baby is born, you must send us a certified birth certificate and three passport-sized photographs of the baby so that we can add the child to your application.

Please note that ALL COSTS associated with the processing of your application, including fees relating to medical
examinations, will be your responsibility whether or not a visa is granted. Therefore, you may wish to refrain from obtaining further medical information unless you have been specifically requested to do so by a DIAC officer.

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