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Living in Australia

Living in Australia as a Migrant (Business skills)

Living in Australia as a Business Migrant

Australian migration - Overview of certain lifestyle issues for Australian Business Skills migrants

Living Costs

  • It is estimated that in 1999, households of migrants who have lived in Australia for less than 2 years spent an average of $ 930 per week supporting 3 people.
  • It is estimated that a couple renting accommodation in Australia would need a minimum of $ 365 per week to survive.
  • A single person would need about $ 225 per week.
  • Be aware: cost of living varies between different cities, and that the cost of relocating can be high e.g. relocating household goods, setting up new accommodation, travelling to Australia etc.

Two year waiting period for social security payments

  • In general, social security payments are only available to people who reside in Australia and are either Australian citizens or holders of permanent residence visas.
  • Newly arrived migrants have to live in Australia as permanent residents for 2 years before they can access most social security payments. These payments include:
    • unemployment and sickness benefits
    • Student allowances and a number of other payments.

Medicare and Medical coverage

  • Provisional Business Visa holders are generally not entitled to access Australia’s national health insurance scheme – Medicare
  • Permanent residents
    • Medicare contributes towards the cost of most medical services and some services provided by optometrists. It also provides free accommodation and treatment in public hospitals if you enter as a Medicare patient.
    • Permanent residents are entitled to access Medicare from date of arrival in Australia
    • (refer to our section on Arriving in Australia for further details on Medicare)

Purchasing Property

All persons other than Australian citizens and holders of Australian permanent residence visas require foreign investment approval to purchase Australian Real estate. See details in our section “about Australia

Work and Study Rights

Spouses and dependents of visa holders under the Provisional Business visa holder (or any other TR visa) are able to work and study during their stay in Australia.

They may however incur education and intuition costs for any study undertaken in Australia ie. Pay the same costs as foreign students pay.

The spouse and dependents of holders of Permanent residence visas have no restrictions and may work and study in Australia.

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