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Migration Costs

Costs of migration to Australia

The costs of migration can vary a lot and there are many factors to consider.
  • From person to person and from family to family - there are always individual circumstances and factors that can play a role in the overall costs.
  • Each migrant has his or her own standards and requirements. One migrant takes up residency in Sydney, the other in Adelaide - all of these factors greatly influence the cost of migration.
  • Visa costs also vary a lot, and depends on the specific visa class - costs can be from AU$ 200 to as much as AU$ 70 000 (for a parent contributory visa).
  • In most cases, the total visa costs (including all government fees as well as professional fees) are +- AU$ 5000 - 7000 for a family unit.

When looking at migration costs, there are four major costs to consider:-

  1. The migration application costs
  2. The physical move to Australia (air fares, entries to validate the visa, shipping costs of household goods etc)
  3. Cost of settling in Australia (rent, buying cars etc)
  4. Other discretionary and misc costs
BCIS can and will assist you in managing all of these costs, and in your planning and budgeting for the move to Australia.

Migration application charges and costs:-

  • Each application has its own set of unique circumstances and conditions.
  • As such, a specific rate and costing will be provided to you in your assessment.
  • Our fees are fixed and firm for 30 days as of date of finalising your assessment.
  • The costs quoted include all members of the family unit eligible for inclusion in that application e.g. spouse and dependent children.

Visa application charges

It is our policy to provide a fixed (total) rate for each application. The application charge or total cost estimate provided to you, includes:

  • All fees payable to DIAC
  • All BCIS professional fees in relation to the application
  • Free personal consultations in Australia, or in your home country when we visit your country on our regular client trips
  • All courier costs from BCIS to DIAC in relation to your application
  • All members of the family unit that can be included in the application
  • All email, phone and personal consultations with you in relation to your visa application from date of appointment to the day your visa is decided.
  • All communication between BCIS and DIAC in relation to the specific application.
  • Charges payable to the relevant occupations assessment authorities in relation to your occupations assessment (if applicable).
  • Access to your clients area on this website
  • Free general advice and guides
  • Free welcome pack when you arrive in Australia

These costs are excluded from the cost estimate provided to you:-

  • Cost of obtaining medicals and x-rays for the applicants
  • Cost of sending documents / application files to BCIS
  • Cost of obtaining police clearance certificates
  • Cost of making payment e.g. credit card or bank fees
  • Any increase in application charges by DIAC
  • Costs of IELTS tests
  • Costs of making certified copies and copies of application documents (that you make)
  • Telephone call costs to BCIS
  • Any review or further application not included in the original cost estimate
  • GST if paid in Australia will be auto added to your final invoice
  • And any other cost not specifically included in the cost estimate.

How to budget for your application and the move to Australia

The application:-

  • Add to the total estimated cost for the application as provided by BCIS the following:
  • Medical and x-ray examinations +- AU$ 100 - 200 per person (International average)
  • Police clearances +- AU$ 10 per person (International average)
  • Cost of copies and certification of copies +- AU$ 30 (International average)
  • Cost of sending documents and application files to Australia (BCIS) +- AU$ 90 (International average)
  • Bank charges and fees +- 1-3% of total estimated cost if paid by credit card, and approximately AU$ 20 - 75 if paid by cheque or bank transfer
  • IELTS tests (if required) +- AU$ 350  per person (International average)
  • Other miscellaneous costs +- AU$ 50 (International average)
  • Average TOTAL COSTS for skills migration : A$ 5000 - 7500; Business skills migration : A$ 7500 - 13000.

Airfares and other costs

  • Keep in mind that you will be required to validate your visa (make an initial entry when the visa has been approved). This may imply that you will have to visit Australia twice i.e. Once to validate the visa, and once to actually take up residence.
  • The initial entry for validation will normally be required within 6 to 8 months after your visa has been granted. You can remain in Australia when you make your first entry, or you can depart Australia and take up residency at a later stage. You should ensure that you keep to the conditions (if any) on your visa should you not take up residency immediately.
  • There are no landing or other costs payable when you make any entry into Australia

Household items: (if you choose to ship these to Australia)

  • The content of a typical three to four bedroom house will fit into a 20 foot container (normally). The costs of packing, shipping and clearing the container in Australia vary considerably from country to country (of origin). You should budget at least AU$ 4 to 7 000 for this.

Initial period in Australia (first 12 months)

  • When you first take up residency, there may be a few establishment costs e.g. costs relating to accommodation (rent, security bond, upfront rent payments etc), as well as for cars (deposits or outright purchase) and then for various household expenses e.g. (TV, fridge, bed etc etc)
  • Our advice is that you should budget around AU$ 15 � 25 000 for your initial 3 months to subsidise yourself and your income in Australia.(for a typical family of 4)
  • If you expect to earn $ 4000 per month (net) after taxes, or if you work out a budget for yourself (accommodation, food, utilities, transport etc), you should budget using the following guideline:
    • First 3 months = 3 x $4000 = $12 000
    • Next 3 months = 3 x 50% of expected monthly costs = $3 000
    • Next 6 months = 6 x 25% of expected monthly costs = $6 000
    • Total = AU$ 21 000

Your total budget will thus be:-

  1. Visa application fees
  2. Costs relating to your application (estimate of $ 800 � 1000)
  3. Airfares
  4. Shipping your household goods to Australia (if applicable)
  5. Initial expenses in the first year based on your budget or expected earnings

Obviously this will vary considerably from family to family, and if you are a single migrant or have family here, the cost estimate could be substantially lower.

As rough guideline the minimum you should budget and have available is:-

This includes ALL costs (1) to (5)

Single migrant : AU$ 12 � 18 000

Couple : AU$ 20 � 30 000

Family of 3 or 4 : AU$ 30 � 40 000

Family of 5+ : AU$ 50 000+



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