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Migration Information

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Australian Immigration - Australia's migration program an overview


In the years since 1945 when the population of Australia was only 7 million, of which 90% had been born in Australia, over 6 million immigrants from more than 170 countries have settled in Australia and made it their home. 

Immigration and natural population growth have now caused the number of Australians to increase approximately 19 million, of which over 40% were either born outside the country or have at least one parent who was. This makes Australia truly a country of immigrants and it continues to welcome migrants who can contribute to the future strength and well-being of the country and its people. 


This growing population spends more and invests more, thus contributing to the expansion of the country's economy. Along with such essentials as housing and food, migrants help business expansion through investment which then produces extra goods and services in both the private and government sectors. 

It also affects the supply side of the economy by introducing labour, skills and money into Australia; by setting up of new businesses by migrants and by their contributions to new technologies. All of these elements are important in a time of high technological growth and increasing international co-operation and competition. 

Business Opportunities

Australia's increasing involvement in international markets has led to greater emphasis being given to the "Business" and "Skill" components of its migration programme. Australian welcomes highly experienced business people who will bring their global expertise and capital to Australia, and skilled migrants who will help to offset specific skill shortages and expand the size and quality of the Australian work force.  

The Business category is designed to attract business people to settle and establish new businesses or acquire ownership or part ownership of existing businesses and to take an active role in the business in Australia. The Australian Government has made temporary residence much more accessible for such people so that they may visit Australia to investigate Business Opportunities for themselves. 


People who are interested in migrating to Australia or visiting on a temporary basis, can apply through Australian consular offices, or with the assistance of a Registered Migration Agent. When you deal with a competent, experienced and Registered Migration Agent, you maximise your chances of success and save a great deal of time, because the agent will take the responsibity for seeing that your application is prepared correctly and that it includes all of the appropriate paper-work.  

Such an Agent can frequently enhance your application even further, by recommending additional supporting documentation, based upon experience accumulated over the years of handling application for people in similar circumstances. BCIS is a recognized industry leader in Australian migration and settlement services. Its team of expert lawyers and migration agents have many years of experience in all fields of migration. 

Recognizing therefore that business people look for more than simple help with their visas, BCIS also provides information on the Australian side of your industry; suitable introductions or invitations to meet contacts; advice on where your children can fact invaluable help in many practical ways is just "part of the service" from BCIS ! 

Immigration to Australia is controlled by the Migration Act (1958) and Regulations. Within the legal profession, this text is regarded as one of the most intricate and complicated pieces of legislation in the country. Yet sound advice on migration options and prospects requires a detailed working knowledge of this and many other texts, which are in a process of constant updating and amendment, including the Act and Regulations, case precedents, departmental procedure manuals and so on. 

Migration Agents

To provide some measure of protection to the consumer in Australia, the Regulations make it illegal, at the price of severe penalties including lengthy jail sentences, to give migration advice unless the adviser is a registered migration agent. Overseas enquirers should therefore beware; if your adviser is not listed in Australia as a registered migration agent, you  are foregoing the minimum protection provided against unsound and unreliable advice.  

Unfortunately, even with this protection, reports of negligent advice are not uncommon. Therefore you are also well justified in asking your prospective adviser for an indication of his or her background and experience in the migration field. 

Available Services

As a successful and reputable firm of migration consultants, BCIS is serious about its responsibilities to clients and to the worldwide public generally. To all interested persons we offer, for free, information about Australian immigration on our website and email newsletter. This and other sites, including Australian government sources, related websites and relevant newsgroups, are recommended for information purposes. In many cases a confident and well-informed person, with a suitable visa option in a fairly straightforward subclass, may make a successful application without the need for professional advice and/or assistance. 

Further Advice

In our webpages and newsletter we address many commonly asked questions; this is a free community service by the Overseas Services Team at BCIS. Should you wish to retain our professional services on a client basis, you are also welcome to contact us via email. 

Random requests for free advice will attract a long waiting period for a reply normally; we are a busy practice and we simply lack the time to answer such mail. Our policy is to take your individual enquiry as a request for professional advice - so expect our response to include the stipulation of the appropriate fee. 

Our standard fees for advice and assistance vary according to the visa / strategy type and the amount of work involved. The great majority of enquiries we have received from overseas clients are from professionals and business people seeking permanent entry. Our minimum fee for advice and a visa eligibility report for both these categories, is AUD$90 (see details below). This fee is separate from (and discountable from) our further fee for assistance and representation with the visa application itself. 

Business Skills

Entrepreneurs and business owners / managers seeking residence under the Business Skills program, should note that genuine financial documents will be needed, and the application would require substantial supporting evidence of your business background, and plans for Australia. Our visa eligibility report assists your decision-making by clarifying your prospects. Many business entry clients have benefitted also from our market advice, which is available on a consultancy basis. 

Professionals - Skilled Entry

Any professionals or skilled tradespeople looking to permanent residence under the Skilled Entry program, should note that eligibility depends on a complicated points system involving comparability with Australian standards. An accurate view of your visa prospects requires detailed checking across occupational and academic standards guidelines and one or more of several different bureaucratic bodies in Australia. Checking on this and other points factors is included in our visa eligibility report. 

General Employment

We often receive enquiries from overseas jobseekers. We have a dedicated division that specialise in job finders & seekers services. 

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