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NAATI info

National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters

What is NAATI?

NAATI is a national standards body owned by the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments of Australia. It is a company limited by guarantee under the Commonwealth Corporations Law 2001.

NAATI's corporate structure consists of its owners, known as the Members of NAATI, to whom a Board of Directors and the Company Secretary report for matters of governance of the company. The Company Secretary is also the Executive Director of NAATI.

NAATI sets and monitors the standards of Translation and Interpreting (T&I) in Australia by accrediting translators and interpreters at a number of levels of competence.  NAATI accreditation may be obtained as a result of a measure of competence, either through the NAATI testing, or by completing a NAATI approved course of studies (conditions apply).

NAATI accreditation is the only qualification officially accepted for the profession of translation and interpreting in Australia.  All government Translation and Interpreting (T&I) services require translators and interpreters to be NAATI accredited.

NAATI accreditation has been instrumental in providing quality assurance to recipients of T&I services and to giving credibility to agencies that employ accredited practitioners.

NAATI is also an advisory body, producing annually a national directory of Accredited and Recognised interpreters and translators which enable agencies, businesses and government organisations to locate suitably qualified interpreters and translators.

What does NAATI do?

NAATI sets and maintains the standards of translation and interpreting at four accreditation levels, NAATI accredits translators and interpreters who are appropriately qualified.

NAATI conducts translator and interpreter accreditation tests in various cities in Australia and New Zealand. It also provides similar tests for overseas candidates who are unable to sit for the tests in any Australian city.

NAATI provides a means by which employers of interpreters and translators can make a judgment as to their level of ability.

Bonus Points!

If you are accredited by NAATI you may claim 5 bonus points when applying for Skilled Migration to Australia.

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