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Passports & Visas

Passport expired, lost visas and re-evidence of visa labels

Re-evidence of return visa labels/authorities

  • If a passport containing a valid visa label, RRV, ATR or RE has expired, or been lost, stolen or damaged, the visa can be re-evidenced with another label in the holder's new passport. An application charge (DIAC) applies for this service.
  • If a valid visa is in an expired passport, it is possible to continue to use the visa until it expires, provided both the old and new passports are carried together when travelling to Australia.
  • NOTE: For those people who do not wish to carry both their old and new passports, it is recommended that you have your valid visa re-evidenced to avoid possible delays/inconvenience when travelling. An application charge applies to the re-evidencing of RRVs, ATRs and REs.

Valid entry documents

  • Passports:
    A current Australian passport ensures the holder can enter Australia. A current New Zealand passport ensures the holder can enter Australia, subject to health and character concerns.
  • Migrant visas:
    New migrants are issued with a multiple re-entry visa when their immigration to Australia is approved. These visas allow holders to travel to and from Australia as permanent residents for up to 5 years from the date of grant.
    • After the initial visa has expired, if the holder wishes to continue to travel to and from Australia as a permanent resident, they must obtain a Resident Return Visa (RRV).
  • Resident Return visas (RRVs):
    RRVs allow permanent residents of Australia to re-enter as often as they wish during the validity of the visa. RRVs may be issued with five years' or three months' validity.
    • Permanent residents should obtain their RRVs before leaving Australia to avoid travel delays and the need to obtain an RRV through an overseas office of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).
    • Permanent residents can also travel with an old-style RRV - an Authority to Return or a Return Endorsement.
  • Authority to Return/Return Endorsement:
    ATRs and REs were issued to people who migrated to Australia before 1987 and remain valid as long as the holder has returned to Australia within three years of each departure and has not become an Australian citizen.
    • As these 'old style RRVs' were issued manually by way of a 'wet stamp', they are not compatible with DIAC's electronic systems and holders may experience delays on entry while manual checks are made.
    • Holders may have the wet stamp replaced at any DIAC office with a new, electronically verifiable label (referred to as a BF111) which does not alter the conditions of the original visa in any way. There is no charge for the first label. However, there is a charge if holders wish to have the new label re-evidenced in another passport.
    • NOTE: Holders will lose their ATR or RE if they are granted another substantive visa (other than a Border visa or an Electronic Travel Authority). Due to recent amendments to the Migration Act 1958, it will not be possible to reinstate ATRs or REs ceased by the grant of another visa.



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