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Permanent Residence FAQ's

Permanent residence Questions & Answers

How long will it take to process my migration application?

Who can we include in a migration application?

  • Details on who can be included in a migration application are provided in each assessment provided by BCIS.

Can I visit Australia while my migration application is being processed?

  • Yes. But……You will need to meet the requirements for that class of visa, which may include the requirement that you only intend a holiday or short visit. Visitors visas are not intended to provide residence in Australia for migration applicants awaiting the outcome of their application…and you must inform us if you are temporarily in Australia as DIAC can continue your processing whilst you are there.

Can I be granted my migrant visa while I am in Australia ?

  • No. You must be outside Australia before DIAC can grant you the migrant visa. You must depart Australia for your visa to be granted and evidenced in your passport. You do not need to return to the country where the application was lodged as this can be done at any Australian overseas mission.

Can I do my medical processing in Australia ?

  • Yes. If you are in Australia temporarily you can approach an office of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs to collect the medical forms (Form 26 and Form 160) and details on approved doctors and radiologists. You should sent your sealed medical results, marked with your file reference, to teh HSA or to DIAC directly when completed.

Do I have to send original documents with my application?

  • Yes. Generally for permanent migration applications original documentation is required, or properly certified copies.

Do I have to lodge my passport with my application?

  • Passports are NOT required to make a valid application. However, for all temporary residence visa applications (except Retirement visa applications) you should provide your passport with 2 unused visa pages with your application. If you think that you will need your passport during this time, DO NOT send it with your application. DIAC deals with a large number of visa applications and can not guarantee that they will be able to return your passport to you when you need it.

I am applying under the partner provisions do you need to interview me and my partner/sponsor?

  • In most cases DIAC may need to interview you, but this will usually be over the telephone. We will contact you if we need to arrange an interview.

Does my sponsor (ie spouse or partner) have to remain in the country of residence during processing?

  • No.

If I am approved, how long do I have before I must travel to Australia ?

  • The initial entry date (stated on your visa) is the date by which you must travel to Australia on your visa. This date is calculated based on the validity of your health and character clearances. These clearances are usually only valid for 12 months. If you (and any members of your family included in your application) do not enter Australia by the initial entry date, you will breached a condition of your visa and consideration will be given to cancelling your visa.

I know I need to travel to Australia before the initial entry date on my visa but am I required to migrate to Australia before this date as I have a home to sell and/or other assets to dispose of?

  • You must travel to Australia before the expiry of the initial entry date in order to activate the visa for its full term which, in most cases, is a full term of five years (the date is on the visa label. Migrant visa holders are not required to migrate (ie settle permanently) to Australia before the expiry of the initial entry date on their visas.Provided you (and all family members included in your application) have made at least one trip to Australia before the initial entry date your visa is then valid for return travel until the final expiry date. There are exceptions to this general rule. For example, Spouse - Provisional visas (subclass 309) and Prospective Spouse visas (subclass 300) both have initial entry dates but neither is valid for a full term of five years. Business skills visas also have certain conditions attached to them - contact BCIS for further details.



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