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Skilled Points Test

Australian Visa - skills points test

Skilled visa applications - Points test

Australian Immigration - Applicants intending to apply for a skilled Australian visa, under the Australian migration skilled program must meet basic criteria assessed by points.

As a guide, we present this points test summary to you. Use this to do a preliminary assessment for yourself. Be aware however, that the underlying regulations are quite specific for each section e.g. To claim points for a Language. You can not claim e.g. 5 bonus points for a recognised community language unless you can evidence that you have obtained a tertiary qualification in that language medium etc.

Qualifications are obviously very important, it however is no longer the primary criteria for skills based applications.

Basis for the points test

  • The procedure starts of with an occupations assessment.
  • Your occupation must match and be on the approved occupations list.
  • You are then “tested” i.e. your skills, experience, and importantly qualifications are assessed against the Australian standards for that specific occupation i.e. you need X experience, Y skills and Z qualifications to be assessed as equivalent to the Australian standards for a specific occupation. Only after you pass the occupations assessment can you lodge the actual visa application.
  • This cannot be done prior to receipt of the successful outcome of the occupations assessment. Occupations assessments take anywhere from 1 week to 4 months and is conducted by the relevant authority in Australia (based on the information you submit use our extensive checklists as guide) responsible for settings the standards for a specific occupation. There is a fee charged by the authorities.
  • The process and your eligibility for your nominated occupation will be detailed in your assessment by BCIS. If you have any questions on the points tests - contact us. Have yourself assessed by BCIS to ensure that you do meet the criteria !

Skilled Migration Points Test

Condition Met
With ....
Occupation Specialised professional or trade occupation  60
General professional occupation  50
Other general skilled occupations  40
Age 18 to 29 years  30
30 to 34 years 25
35 to 39 years 20
40 to 44 years 15
English Proficient English  (IELTS score 7 x 4 or better) 25
Threshold English  (IELTS score 5 x 4 or better) 15
Specific Work Experience  Work experience closely related to nominated 60 point occupation for three of the last four years 10
Work experience in any occupation on the skilled occupation list for three of the last four years  5
Australian Work Experience  Work experience closely related to the nominated occupation for one of the last four years  10
Professional Year closely related to nominated occupation  10
Australian Qualifications  Doctorate (min. two years)  25
Masters/Honours with undergraduate degree (min. three years)  15
Degree/diploma/trade qualification (min 2 year study) 5
Occupation in Demand  Work experience closely related to the nominated occupation for one of the last four years and an offer of relevant full-time employment  20
Work experience closely related to the nominated occupation for one of the last four years  15
Regional Study  Met 2 years study requirement while living and studying in regional Australia  5
Partner Skills  Partner meets threshold GSM requirements  5
Nomination  Nominated by state or territory government  10
Designated Area Sponsorship  Sponsored by Australian relative living in a designated area (only available to provisional visa applicants)  25
Designated Language  Professional level language skills in a designated language 5

Pass & pool marks

Visa subclass Pass Mark Pool mark
Skilled Independent - subclass 175 120 points 100 points
Skilled Sponsored - subclass 176 100 points 80 points
Skilled regional Sponsored - subclass 475 100 points NA
Skilled Regional Sponsored - subclass 487 100 points NA
Skilled Independent - subclass 885 120 points NA
Skilled Sponsored - subclass 886 110 points NA




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