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South Australia - SIR

SA's position on the SIR visa

Eligibility for the SIR (Provisional) Visa - South Australia

First read this section about the SIR visa

Note that ADELAIDE is included in the SA SIR regions.

Applicants must achieve at least 100 Points to be eligible to seek Sponsorship.
Applicants need to be:

  • Under 45 years of age;
  • Have vocational level English;
  • Nominate an occupation (muts be a 50 or 60 point occupation) on the South Australia sponsorship list (a skilled occupation) and be found suitable for that occupation by the relevant Australian assessing authority
  • Have recent work experience in a skilled occupation or have recently completed an Australian qualification;
  • Be sponsored by a state/territory government.

SA is a participating state and is able to rpovide Sponsorship for the grant of the SIR (prov) visa by DIAC> To seek sponsorship from the Government of SA, you should:

  1. Ensure that you meet the points requirements (100 points)
  2. Acheive a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority
  3. Complete the official SIR application form, as well as the South Australia specific SIR application form
  4. On approval of your sponsorship, you can proceed with a visa application

BCIS will assess you for (1) and will then process all the stages (2 to 4) for you.


  • SIR visas receive priority processing status from DIAC
  • South Australia will sponsor many SOL occupations
  • BCIS will provide you with the forms, guides and checklists for the SIR, as well as the South Australian application form in the registered clients area.

Why South Australia? 

    South Australia, including Adelaide, is the only mainland capital city, included in this visa category.  This means that sponsorship for the SIR visa allows visa holders to live anywhere in South Australia, including the city of Adelaide.

  • School-going children of SIR Visa holders will be  able to access all educational services in the government education system and pay the same fees as local students in South Australia.

    SIR visa holders who are re-locating from overseas may also be eligible for the unique On Arrival Services package available to skilled migrants through Immigration SA.

  • All SIR applicants who arrive in South Australia, whether from Overseas or from within Australia, will have access to the Migrant Employment Consultancy Service (MECS) to assist in seeking employment in our State.


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