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The Move - checklist

checklist prior to moving to Australia

Checklist – Things to plan and do in your last few weeks in your home country

  • Start this basic planner from +_6 weeks to go and counting until the big day.
  • This checklist will be updated regularly.
  •  This list is NOT exhaustive – and you should allow for your own particular circumstances and position.
  •  The general idea is to plan your move well – plan for contingencies, possible delays and for all possible scenarios.
  • We are there to assist – and you are more than welcome to contact us if you require any specific information or have specific enquiries and needs

Get quotes from Movers – a typical 3 bed home contents should fit into a 20 foot container, if you have more good, go for a 40 footer. Shared containers are also available if you do not think you will fill a container yourself – and it lowers the cost. If you have space available – let us know, we often have people moving from the same country willing to share costs !


Plan for your household contents, and whatever else you are bring over in the container to be packed in order for shipment to take place at least 1 week BEFORE you depart for Australia – i.e. to arrive here approx. 2 – 3 weeks after you arrive.

Why ? You generally get 2 weeks free storage included in the quote for the move – you should require around 2 – 3 weeks to find the right home for yourself in Australia (more on this when we get to arriving here) – this way, if you find the right house within 2 weeks, you furniture arrives at the same time, takes 3-4 days to clear customs – and you move into your home furnished with your own goodies (makes you feel at home) – yet, you have additional 2 weeks or so if you have not found the perfect place to call home where your goods are stored free of charge.


Make sure your passport with the visa in it is kept safe and that your passport is valid at least 5 years after arrival in Oz (saves countless hassles later on).


Make arrangements with your assurance and insurance companies regards your life and other insurance – will you cash them out, make them paid up or keep them going.


Make sure you keep a bank account in your home country active and arrange for a trusted person to have power of attorney for the account


Make suitable arrangements in your home country with the taxation department (get a tax clearance if required) – do not necessarily state that you are migrating! Note that Australian authorities do not require a tax clearance from you.


Get the house on the market (should do this before the 6 week period starts actually) and arrange to vacate only a week at max before you depart for Australia.


Get settlement figures (and budget for this) for your cars and any other goods including any loans and credit cards – if applicable – and make arrangements to settle these a week before departing. If possible – keep one credit card for use in Australia initially (until you get an Aus card) and make provision to pay the card in your home country (one of the reasons why you need an operational bank account in your home country)


Get offers on your cars and any other items you will sell.


Send out invitations to all friends and relatives that will remain in your home country – invite them all for a party a week before you leave !


Collect the following original documents – file them and keep this with you when you fly over to Australia:


All FULL birth certificates

All marriage (and divorce if applicable) certificates

All qualifications you have from school onwards

Job and employment references for the last 10 years plus

Proof of no claim bonus for insurance (can save you a bundle in insurance premiums here)

Copies of all life and other insurance documents

Your will

If you have trusts and companies that will still be operational after you migrate – bring full records of those

Receipts of all accounts / loans etc paid up by you and evidence of sale of e.g. cars

Letters from banks where you have had loans to verify your credit record – very useful when applying for loans in Australia !

Evidence of all your investments


Evidence of your children’s :-


school records

immunisation certificates

academic records


Update and send your CV / resume to BCIS to assist with job searches (send by email). Note that your CV may have to be revised to meet Australian standards

Prepare a budget for yourself and stick to it !

Open an email address for yourself in Australia. Send out the email details to your friends, relatives and important contacts well in advance. Arrange with your ISP in your current country to keep your account valid for 3 months after you leave – and if possible, arrange for an auto response to be sent to people emailing you to advise of your new Australian email address. If you have a valid credit card, you can open up an Australian email address with Telstra or a host of other service providers in Australia. On arrival, you can update the payment (card) details to your Australian details. (


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