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SOL - Tradespersons - Australian Migration Requirements

Please read the qualifying criteria before moving on to the occupations

Trades Persons listed here may apply for skilled migration to Australia.

TRADESPERSONS AND RELATED WORKERS perform a variety of tasks, applying a body of trade or industry specific technical knowledge and operate a wide variety of complex precision machinery or plant to complete several stages in the fabrication and maintenance of products.

All occupations in this major group have a level of skill commensurate with an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification.

Tasks performed by Tradespersons and Related Workers typically include fabricating, repairing and maintaining individual metal, wood, glass and textile products; repairing and maintaining motor vehicles and electrical and electronic machinery and equipment; constructing buildings, ships and boats; applying protective and decorative finishes to surfaces; operating printing and binding equipment; preparing and cooking food; propagating and cultivating plants; hairdressing; operating chemical, petroleum, gas and power generation plant and equipment; and providing technical and other assistance for the production, recording and broadcasting of artistic performances.

Trades Persons have completed a (three year) apprenticeship and passed a trade test. They have worked in the trade after qualifying for at least three years.

Assessments in these trades are against specified criteria:

  • Acceptable formal training outside Australia. This entails a pass mark in a formal trade test conducted by a government-approved body of that country, and a Trade Certificate / Diploma must be supplied. This test must be preceded by a formal apprenticeship not shorter than three years. The applicant must be able to evidence than an apprenticeship contract existed between him and an employer. A copy of the Apprenticeship Contract must be supplied
  • The applicant must have been working in the trade for a period of not less than three years AFTER completion of the apprenticeship. (A total of 6 years combined.) If the Trades Person intends to act as Main Applicant for Skilled Migration, he/she must have been in paid employment in the trade (or closely related occupation) for at least 12 out of the last 18 months prior to applying for the visa. He/she must have undertaken the full range of work normally performed by a tradesperson in Australia, and capability of performing that work in Australia. This is determined by the:
    • breadth/ depth of knowledge
    • range of skills
    • variability of operating environment
    • level of autonomy required to perform the set of tasks

These are defined in the TRA criteria manual approved by the Central Trades Committees under the TRR Act.

Recognition as a tradesperson: Where a person never entered into an apprenticeship contract or completed a trade test, TRA may consider the applicant as a qualified tradesperson if:

  • The person has been working in the trade full time for at least 6 to 9 years
  • can prove employment as such
  • have completed some sort of vocational training in the trade
  • All claims can be substantiated with extensive documentation)

    Trade Occupations List



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