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Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services

Post Secondary Qualified Persons

Information for persons with post secondary qualifications (not covered elsewhere) regarding visas and immigration to Australia.

Obtaining a visa to reside permanently in Australia made easy.

On this page you will find all forms and information documents pertaining to Managers, Professionals and Associated Professionals not covered elsewhere. All documents are listed under "Downloads," top right corner of this page.


A Skill Assessment involves providing a written opinion on the comparability of your post secondary qualifications, such as university or polytechnic qualifications, to the Australian qualifications required for an occupation identified on the Skilled Occupation List. (Note: work experience is not assessed).

In conducting this assessment VETASSESS will take into account a range of factors including:

  • the education system of the country concerned
  • the awarding institution
  • the level, structure, length and content of the program of study undertaken.

The Skill Assessment will reflect the views of VETASSESS based on the information and documentation you provide and research undertaken by VETASSESS staff. As the Skill Assessment is an opinion, VETASSESS is under no obligation to accept or be bound by statements, opinions or proclamations made by third parties.

It should be noted that Skill Assessments are not an assessment of:

  • your suitability for employment
  • the quality of your work
  • the appropriateness of your work experience
  • the likely success or failure of you obtaining Australian residency status.

At the completion of the Skill Assessment process you will be provided with a written statement by VETASSESS on the comparability of your post secondary qualifications to the Australian qualifications required for your nominated occupation.

If you disagree with the outcome of a Skill Assessment you may lodge a request for a reassessment. Such requests will only be considered following receipt of a written request from you and the payment of a reassessment fee.

There is a fee for a reassessment (non-refundable) and is subject to change without notice. A request for a reassessment should be supported with additional evidence in support of your case. It should be noted that it is rare for sufficient evidence to be available for the reversal of an earlier opinion.

Applications for reassessment must be lodged within 90 days of VETASSESS issuing advice to the applicant on the initial Skill Assessment.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the reassessment you may lodge an appeal. Appeal applications must be provided within 28 days of VETASSESS issuing advice on the reassessment outcome. There is a non refundable fee and is subject to change without notice. The outcome of the appeal process is final. 

Frequently asked questions: 

1. What does VETASSESS do?

VETASSESS conducts skill assessments based on post-secondary educational qualifications for nominated occupation categories under the General Skilled Migration program.

2. What INFORMATION do I need to send with my application?

You must include the following information:

  • TWO dated and certified passport photos, not more than 3 months old
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate or relevant pages from your passport
  • A certified copy of your qualification papers (such as degree, diploma, certificates) in the original language
  • A certified copy of the transcript showing subjects studied and marks/grades awarded
  • Evidence of change of name (where applicable)
  • Certified translation in English of any of the above documents originally issued in a language other than English by an accredited translator
  • Appropriate assessment fee

3. What should I do if I have completed my qualification, but have NO CERTIFICATE awarded yet?

You must obtain an official letter from the Academic Registrar's Office of the institute awarding the qualification or student administration stating that you have completed all requirements for the award and that you are eligible to have the award conferred. If possible indicate when the award will be conferred.

4. HOW LONG does a Skill Assessment take?

Most assessments should normally be completed within six weeks. In a minority of cases, the timeframe may be longer than this. Currently qualifications which are not covered by the assessment guidelines in the Country Education Profiles published by the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR), and qualifications from Pakistan and the People's Republic of China, may take longer to complete. Applicants who have qualifications from Chinese or Pakistani institutions are required to arrange for their qualification documents to be sent direct from their institution to VETASSESS in a sealed envelope. Applicants should apply to VETASSESS first and obtain a file number before arranging this.


VETASSESS will make every effort to meet your deadline, but can make no guarantee. 


Anyone authorised to witness statutory documents, such as Justices of the Peace, a barrister or solicitor, a police officer, a Member of Parliament, dentists and pharmacists.

7. If I hold MORE THAN ONE QUALIFICATION, do I need to have them all assessed?

Not necessarily. In general, VETASSESS will only assess those qualifications necessary for you to meet the requirements of your nominated qualification.

8. Do I need to provide DOCUMENTS RELATING TO MY WORK EXPERIENCE, such as references or examples of my work?

No. The only documents you need to provide are those relating to your qualifications and other documents specified in FAQ 4. VETASSESS undertakes assessments on the basis of your educational qualifications only.

9. Can an Agent act for me?

Yes. If so, you must complete the relevant section on page one of the application form and sign in the space provided.




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