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What to pack & what to leave

What to pack & what to leave & cautions (Common items)

Applicable to migrants from all countries


In addition to the list below - please download the document (right side) "what you can bring in (and what not)"


Leave ….  (Exceptions avail. For certain firearms)

Do not even try to bring food in ….

As long as the items are THOROUGHLY cleaned (recommend to steam clean if possible) you are OK to bring it with you to Oz and I would recommend that you include them in your container with your furniture (if you bring in new or on the plane, you may be subject to duties).

Clean well, very very well. Steam clean them !

You can bring any wine, spirits etc into Australia (and you should bring your wine collection !). Make sure it is in your container, and you will pay duties on these items. With wines – list all the bottles, include vintage, brand, and approx. value of the wine (what you paid for it) – makes calculating the duties easier.

If you have a really state of the art mobile (cell phone) – bring it over and just get a new sim card here. In most cases however, you get a phone here free with any contract …. US migrants – your phones do not work here – leave them !

If you have a PC or fax or for that matter any office tools you want to bring over – do so (and bring them with your container – not separately …. Duties ….) , but do not go and buy these items to bring them over – they are generally very competitively priced in Australia.

As a rule, it is simply not worth bringing your vehicles (of any nature) to Australia – the import duties and taxes are prohibitive – unless it is a very special car, a vintage car or an older vehicle (more details on our website). 

Vehicles must generally comply with Australian  standards before customs will release them – and this too could end up costing a small fortune.


Leave or caution ?

Why ?


Can you make alterations ?

Fridges & Freezers


In some cases the over insulation on fridges causes motors to burn out within the first year in Oz – expensive repairs !

Yes, if your fridge/freezer is over insulated around the motors / condensers – get rid of some of that – should be fine then.



Many TV’s are not compatible with Aus systems – normally the picture is OK but no sound if you are on a PAL system – most others – no pic & sound.

Yes – but can be costly. Check to make sure your TV would be compatible to the Australian system

Video recorders (not video cameras)


Most cases not compatible with Aus systems – normally the picture is OK and no sound

Yes – but very expensive. Better to sell up and buy new TV here (not expensive)

Any weapons

Food and foodstuff


Sporting goods including Golf bags / clubs


Garden tools


Wine & alcohol


Mobile Phone


PC’s, faxes etc.

Bring it

Cars and motorbikes



All your other goods – bring ‘em over ! Even if it sounds expensive (container costs etc) – it is still worth bringing it over. You can sell the old stuff here later on, but in the first 2 years, you should keep your cash in your pocket and not spend capital on household goods.


Generally good quality furniture is expensive in Australia – including good quality bedding etc – you do get very cheap and reasonably priced items as well at stores like Harvey Norman (sells from TV’s to Garden furniture at very competitive prices) – but it is still worth the cost of bringing over as much of your furniture and goods as you can.


Be ready to change plugs on MANY electrical appliances – you have no idea how many electrical appliances and goods you really have until you start changing them over to Ozzie plugs over here.


Buy 50 plugs at least from Bunnings or Hardware House (Premier hardware stores in Oz) when you arrive and get ready for some serious interaction with your electrical appliances.


Will your gadget work in Australia?





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