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Australian Visa & Migration Assessment

Register online now to access the assessment area.

When you register, BCIS will do a detailed initial FREE appraisal for you outlining your points score and potential visa options.

This is followed by a fully detailed full assessment (described below) where we outline your best visa option, costs, requirements and next steps.

There are two methods you can use for completion of your background questionnaire for a full visa assessment - that will enable us to prepare your personalised migration plan and report:-

1) Email based method

  • You download the forms (WORD format "Assessment questions WORD" located on the right of this screen under downloads.
  • You complete them offline, in your own time, and then email or fax your completed form to us.
  • This method is recommended if you have a slow internet connection or if you need time to compile all your answers.
  • Email based assessment forms may be emailed back to us, or faxed to us (+61-8-9296-0759)

2) Online Method (recommended)

  • This method is best for a fast response time from BCIS and will also open up your clients area access on receipt of your submitted from by BCIS.
  • Step one is to register yourself.
  • You need to ensure that you are able to provide detailed dates and data. A possible option if for you to download the offline form, print it for you, complete it in draft in your own time, and to then come back to the online area to complete and submit it online.

Cost of assessment report

  • Full assessment report attracts a fee of AU$ 50 (+_US$ 36)
  • The fees are per assessment (includes all members of the family unit eligible to apply for one visa).
  • You can submit payment when you complete your online form by entering your credit card details online OR If you elect to send us payment by faxed form (if you do not want to use the online payment feature), or if you use the printed form version of the assessment, you must download the payment form as well, complete that, and return it to us together with your replies to the assessment questions.
  • Why do we charge for this? The migration regulations are very complex! There are numerous aspects to consider - most of which is not made clear in DIAC documents or application forms. Unlike most migration consultants, our reports are detailed and we spend a great deal of time when considering your information in relation to the requirements of the Migration Act, ensuring that we provide accurate advice. We thoroughly assess your position and circumstances, and we provide exact advice specific to your position. 
  • The fee includes :
    • 2 follow up consultations by email and/or telephonic consultations;
    • access to your own clients area on this site (where you can communicate with BCIS, access your report, and obtain further - clients only - information and guides);
    • You also gain access to eConsult

Completing the assessment questions, and returning or submitting that to us, will allow us to verify your position and provide exact and detailed advice on your visa options and requirements (we also include checklists of required supporting evidence with the assessment) or call us for an initial (10 min) telephone appraisal without charge.

  • The assessment report will detail all costs, charges, requirements, next steps, visa options, and will basically contain a detailed reponse to all your initial questions. We simply can not provide accurate advice without doing a full assessment as there are always specific issues to consider and to take into account for each application (no two applications are exactly similar - ever).

Step 1. Hints & tips when completing the online visa assessment forms

  • It takes approx. 10 - 20 minutes to complete the forms
  • If you intend to apply for a business skills visa, ensure that you have the last 4 years financial records with you as extracts from the financials will be required

Step 2. The assessment process and report

  • Please select the most appropriate assessment option, or complete the full assessment form if you have no idea which visa class you may qualify for.
  • Parents, Prospective spouses, and family migrants - complete the applicable sections and use the full assessment form please 
  • Complete the "get assessed" section and include all relevant detail. We will examine the data submitted, and provide your fully detailed and comprehensive assessment report to you based on the information supplied.
  • You are welcome to upload additional information to us e.g. Your CV/resume, in your client area
  • The BCIS assessment report will detail your possible visa options (up to 2 visa options), all costs, processing times, explanation of migration criteria as applicable to your case, what would be required from you, and the next steps you need to take.

Step 3.

  • Information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used for this assessments purpose only. No information will be disclosed to any third party.
  • You are not obligated to proceed with us after this assessment. All advice given is based on the information provided and at the time it is given. E-mail's and communication from us will be directed to the person who submitted the request and not to any third party.
  • BCIS guarantees that you will receive your detailed assessment within 2 days after receipt of your complete assessment form by BCIS or the assessment is free.

Australian Immigration - online assessment to determine eligibility for an Australain visa under the Australian migration Act. You receive a detailed personal migration plan with your visa assessment report.



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